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Steps to consider in organising a meetup, a webinar or a training event

Plan the event

  • What are the dates/times?
  • Where is the venue and what are the facilities?
  • Who is the intended audience?
  • What is the goal or theme of the activity?
  • Who is available to attend, facilitate, train and participate in the activity?
  • What kind of budget will be required for travel, venue, catering, coordinator, advertising?
  • Which Wiki or project is the focus: Wikipedia, Wikidata, Commons, Wikisource - or a geographical/subject?

Set the event up online

Promote the event

  • Add to the Wikimedia Space calendar
  • Add to the Wikimedia Australia calendar
  • Add to WMAU Facebook (and to relevant project pages)
  • Post on Twitter
  • Post to relevant external promotional platforms
  • Request external organisations to post to relevant news channels