Fundraising Principles

At their meeting of 15 September 2011, the committee adopted without dissent the following principles with regards to our current fundraising agreement, and the new grant agreement as proposed by the Wikimedia Foundation.

  • Wikimedia Australia will not voluntarily withdraw from our current fundraising agreement until such time as an alternative funding source for our programmes can be secured. Until such time as another agreement is made, we will assume that we are taking part in the fundraiser.
  • The current agreement that has been offered is not satisfactory. In particular, we request additional clauses covering the following:
    • If the WMF should choose to fundraise in Australia for the duration of the grant request, they will comply with all Australian federal, state and territory legislation with respect to any activities or donations sourced from Australia.
    • If the WMF should choose to fundraise in Australia for the duration of the grant request, they must provide WMAU with advance notice of any messages or banners that will be used, and grants the chapter a veto right on these messages, in Australia only and where needed in the Australian context
    • The existing fundraising agreement between WMAU and WMF becomes void if and when an annual grant is approved and agreed to by Wikimedia Australia and the Wikimedia Foundation.
  • Following mutual agreement on the contents of the agreement, WMAU will obtain independent legal advice before signing.
  • We note that Wikimedia Australia will conduct an Annual General Meeting on October 9, and that any position taken by the current committee may be reversed by a future committee.
  • We are happy to acknowledge that to date, negotiations with WMF, led by Barry Newstead, have taken place in a constructive and respectful atmosphere and hope that relations between our organisations continue to be conducted in such a manner.
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