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Where do the images on Wikipedia come from?
, Ali Smith.

Australian institutions contribute significantly to Wikimedia Commons, which is a valuable media resource for Wikipedia writers and the general public. By sharing images, sound and video from their heritage collections, these institutions increase the visibility and accessibility of Australian cultural heritage, and foster a global appreciation for Australia’s historical collections.

The GLAM reports below are a great example of how digital platforms can be used to preserve and promote cultural heritage on an international scale - so where on Wikipedia are images used?

Using the GLAMorousToHTML tool, Olaf Janssen, Wikimedia & open data at Koninklijke Bibliotheek, has shared some nifty reports to show just that! The GLAMorousToHTML tool can list Wikipedia articles that include images from a given Commons category. It creates a HTML page and Excel file that lists all Wikipedia articles in all languages.

GLAM Reports for Australia and New Zealand

Olaf has created concise overviews for 14 organisations as of March 2024. These numbers are quite impressive!


  • Images from the Pest and Disease Image Library (PaDIL) are used in 10,361 articles in 67 languages. View the report.

New Zealand

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