Have a Go Day - Flyers I

Date: 2019-10-24
Applicant: Gnangarra
Amount requested: $250
Status: Approved (2019/10/30)
Outcome: Meeting at which this application was discussed: Approved via email


Flyers for WikiClubWest. Designed by Alex Lum

Flyers printed on a single A4 250gsm gloss as used during the Be connected day artwork as per that being supplied by Alex, printing through Office Works. 1,000 A4 flyers to then be cut as 2xA5, using heavier card as both are intended to be retained for a longer period of time a references


The objective is to use these to engage with the estimated 15,000+ attendees at Have a Go Day on 13 November 2019. The attendees will then be able to retain these cards to use to contribute to the projects through the Commons App and to engage with the Perth community for workshops, events, and other outreach activities both as individuals and through their local organisations.

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