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The 14th International Digital Curation Conference was held in Australia from 4 - 7 February 2019, at The University of Melbourne. The theme of the conference was 'Collaborations and Partnerships: addressing the big digital challenges together'.

Title slide IDCC 2019 presentation

Wikimedia Australia was represented at IDCC19 by Dr Thomas Shafee, who presented a session titled: Wikipedia-integrated academic journals: Ideal platforms for outreach and public communication.



To ensure that the International Digital Curation community (archivist, curator, librarian and academic) is kept aware of the main relevant developments in Wikimedia projects via presentation at IDCC2019.


This grant supported two main outputs.


During attendance of the initial talks, I realised that Wikidata and WikiJournals would be the primary interest for the audience, so re-balanced my live demonstration to prioritize the Wikidata aspects and the talk to prioritize WikiJournals.

  • The live demonstration of Wikipedia, Commons and Wikidata went very smoothly, with a range of examples used from science, law, and history topics. See here for the script of the live demonstration
  • The talk was well-received with questions afterwards about how Wikipedia has changed over the past 18 years.
  • I assisted a group of 8 people with signing up for accounts and making their first Wikidata edits during a teabreak.
  • The day before the conference, demonstrators were requested to come in to record a mini-video version, to be released alongside the demonstration. This is available here. I'm not fully satisfied with how it came out, but it has given me good ideas for an improved version to make.
  • It was indicated to me that videos of talk and of the demonstration would also be made available, but as yet only the lighting poster talks have appeared on the website.
  • APO director (discussed use of Wikis for expert-curated reading lists)
  • Melbourne University archivery team
  • Thank you to Pru Mitchell for supply of WMAU postcards - I handed out approx 50 to different participants, using them to jot down contact info or URLs relevant to the conversation


All funds spent on single-day conference attendance fee.