International Museum Day edit-a-thon

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Participants at the International Museum Day edit-a-thon held at ACMI X Melbourne, on 18 May 2018.

On International Museum Day, 18 May 2018, Sayraphim Lothian SirSez and Mikejonesmelb ran an edit-a-thon at ACMI-X in Melbourne.

The focus of the edit-a-thon was on creating and improving pages about museums and galleries in the state of Victoria. Attendees came from museums, libraries, universities, galleries, and associated organisations, and ranged from newbies who created their Wikipedia account for the event through to some experienced editors.


It was a productive session. More than ten people were trained in the use of Wikipedia, seven new pages were created on the day, and the group added photographs, location information and info boxes to existing pages.

Experienced attendees assisted by creating a template for 'Museums and galleries in Victoria (Australia),’ and a Wikidata map of museums in Victoria.

Sayraphim made a short video on the day where participants talked about the importance of Wikipedia for museums and galleries.

VIDEO: Why should museums be on Wikipedia?

The project is ongoing, with participants continuing to work on editing and creating pages. A project page has been created to keep track of work to be completed.

Participants and organisers are keen for further edit-a-thons in the future.