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About me


I am a Bachelor of Science Honours (Computer Science) and a PhD (Computer Science). I also have a postgraduate diploma in Personal Financial Planning. More relevant to WMAU, I have completed and passed the Company Directors Course run by the Australian Institute of Company Directors, which covers a range of strategic, financial and legal issues, see here for the full list of what it covered. As a result, I am a Graduate Member of the Australian Institute for Company Directors. I have served as a director on a board for the past 10 years (I am on the Council of the Women's College of the University of Queensland).


I am a Professor of Computer Science at Queensland University of Technology, where my main duties are in research management (large collaborative projects, grant writing/reviewing, e-research, mentoring). I will be retiring (semi-retiring) at the end of 2012, giving me more free time for WMAU activities than I have had previously. Earlier in my career, I spent many years involved in international standardisation, which gave me the skills to work effectively and achieve completion on large projects involving people from many countries and many organisations. I have also recently been involved in a lot of discussions with the national and state GLAMs, so I have some good insights and good contacts into that sector. Naturally I have served on many committees in the university sector (too many!).


I am best described as an "ordinary editor" (user name "Kerry Raymond"), mostly working on Australian content (with particularly interest in Brisbane local history). I am not an admin or anything like that. However, I think this is perhaps a positive as it is the vast community of Australian "ordinary editors" that WMAU needs to engage if we want to achieve any large scale projects here in Australia. I also actively contribute through my personal web site to aggregating and providing information for use by family historians(content that is generally not suitable for Wikipedia for reasons of lack of notability).


Why am I standing for this position as "general member"? I feel I have a range of skills (governance, strategic, financial, establishing and running large collaborative projects) that is perhaps lacking in the committee's skill set, and from later this year, I feel I will have more time available to make a contribution in this way.

Happy to take your questions! Kerry Raymond 21:49, 15 November 2012 (EST)

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