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About me

Hello I’m Nick.

While I’ve only been a member of WPAU since early last year, I’ve been involved with the English language Wikipedia since late 2005 as Nick-D. I’m currently an administrator there, and have been one of the elected coordinators of the Military History Wikiproject for most of the time since 2008 (I was elected one of the project’s lead coordinators in the most recent election in September). I’ve also taken the lead with developing 19 featured articles and quite a few A-class articles and good articles, and regularly contribute to reviews of articles nominated for these statuses. I also have a long history of involvement with Wikimedia Commons (also as Nick-D), which has grown considerably over the last year.

In regards to real world Wiki-related activities, I’ve attended a couple of Canberra meet ups over recent years, and have also met with several people involved in Wikipedia during recent trips to the UK and New Zealand. In August I took part in the Wikipedia Takes the Australian War Memorial event.

What I can offer

I’m very grateful at having been nominated for an ordinary member position, and am standing as I think that I have skills and experience which would allow me to make a useful contribution to WPAU’s committee.

Through my work and studies, I have a good understanding of planning and administrative processes, and think that I can help to further improve the standard of WPAU’s internal and public documents (including submissions to external organisations in Australia). I should also be able to help to ensure that WPAU’s grant procedures run smoothly, and its submissions to the Wikimedia Foundation are of a high standard. I’m also pretty level-headed and enjoy working as part of a team. Based on my extensive experience with Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons, I think that I can also contribute ideas and feedback to help lift WPAU’s profile and ensure that its activities effectively support people who are developing free cultural works.

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