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My name is Ross Mallett. I live in Canberra, where I work full time for a multinational IT company. I have a BSc in Mathematics from the University of Melbourne, an MBA from Monash University, and MA and PhD degrees in military history from the University of New South Wales.

I've been a Wikimedian since 2006, and a member of Wikimedia Australia since 2011. I have been a coordinator of the Wikipedia Military History project for the last two years. In the past year I have been involved with the History of the Paralympics in Australia (HOPAU) and attended the Paralympic Games in London as a reporter for Wikinews. I attended workshops in Brisbane and Canberra, and helped arrange meet ups in Canberra. I was also involved work with the Australian War Memorial.

While there has been division within the membership as of late, I hope that we can come together as a group and work towards furthering the goals of the Wikimedia movement forward in Australia. Recent changes make improving the relationship between Wikimedia Australia with the Wikimedia Foundation more important than ever. I hope to improve our relationship with the Foundation, which I believe is critical to ensure the future of the Chapter.

I believe that only sound management will allow us to support WMAU projects without tying them up in red tape. This will improve transparency, accountability and the confidence of the both the membership and the Foundation in our ability to deliver the desired outcomes.

I appreciate the nomination for treasurer. I hope that the membership will consider supporting my nomination

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