Meeting:2012 AGM/Financial Report


Before getting into the report, it is important to acknowledge those who have assisted me in the past year with my duties as Treasurer. This includes all my fellow members of the committee throughout the year, particularly Anne Frazer and Graham Pearce who provided invaluable help with approving payments and generally assisting with all those little duties that don’t provide a lot of glamour but need to be done.

A special thanks also goes out to my partner Leanne, who has put up with me slaving away at all hours filling out paperwork and generally keeping up with chapter business. Her support and understanding has been a key factor in any success I’ve had in this role.

Financial Statements

The following financial statements are presented for the information of members, and form a part of this Treasurer’s Report.

Note that under the ‘’Associations Incorporation Act 1981’’, only prescribed organisations are required to present accounts that have been audited by an external auditor. A prescribed association is defined as an organisation:

  1. that has gross receipts in that association's previous financial year in excess of $200 000 or such other amount as is prescribed by regulation; or
  2. that has gross assets in excess of $500 000 or such other amount as is prescribed by regulation; or
  3. that is prescribed or of a class prescribed by regulation;

As none of these conditions were applicable to Wikimedia Australia during the previous financial year, we are not required to present an audited set of accounts for this year at this AGM. However, as having an audited set of accounts is generally considered good accounting practice, the committee has arranged for the accounts to be audited anyway. This audit is being conducted by Elliotts of Brisbane, the same firm that conducted the audit of the 2010/11 financials.

Statement of Audit

The following audit statement and management letter, which refer to the financials for the 2010/11 year, form a part of this Treasurer’s Report.

Please note that certain information has been redacted from these documents. These include the home addresses of members of the committee, and the signatures of members of the committee and the auditor. This has been done to reduce the risk of identity theft. The original, unredacted versions of these documents are in the possession of the committee and will be provided to the relevant authorities.

Volunteer Support

The chapter once again offered financial support to volunteers to advance the chapter’s mission. In the 2011/12 financial year, a total of $17,358.19 was paid out in volunteer support, divided as follows:

  • Small Grants: $1317.12
  • RecentChanges Camp 2012 Grants: $7859.96
  • Large Camera Equipment Grants: $1000
  • Wikimania 2012 Scholarships: $3035
  • Wikimedia Takes Perth Foreshore: $1579.22
  • Workshop Reimbursements: $883.89
  • Other: $1683.00

Broken up by state, the amounts are:

  • NSW: $5116.53
  • QLD: $11.08
  • SA: $627.47
  • TAS: $3856.03
  • VIC: $2463.90
  • WA: $1631.00
  • Other: $3652.18

The state is based on the origin of the person who received the support, not the location that the activity was taken in. For instance, a volunteer in Tasmania who received support to attend an event in Perth would be counted as Tasmania, not Western Australia. “Other” in this context is support given to volunteers from outside Australia.

These figures only relate to approved requests for assistance that have actually been paid. There are a number of requests that have been approved by the committee, but not yet claimed.

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