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Steven Crossin 2014.jpg

i there, I'm Steve, I've been a member of Wikimedia Australia since 2011, on the committee since 2012 and was the President for the most recent committee.

This year has been one of learning for me. While the year has had it's challenges, we've made some headway too. Our relationship with the Wikimedia Foundation has strengthened, we've removed red tape from some organisational processes and proposals, simplified internal procedures and kept expenditure to a minimum. There have not been a great deal of events or projects as a result, however we have many in the upcoming months.

This term, I'd like to focus on

  • Member and community engagement, through workshops and events
  • Effective fiscal management, keeping control of our budget by spending money on worthy projects by considering their return on investment, along with exploring new revenue streams.
  • Continue strengthening relationships with external organisations including WMF
  • Simplifying internal and organisational processes.

I look forward to working with the rest of the committee this year. Thank you.