Meeting:2016 SGM

A Special General Meeting of Wikimedia Australia, Inc.® was held on Saturday 16 June 2016. This special general meeting was convened by the committee under section 10(3) of our Rules.

The scope of the meeting was to consider three resolutions related to changes to reflect changes in Victorian model rules.

The notice was sent out to members on 20 May, 2016.


When the Chapter was founded in 2008, we adopted a form of rules based on the Model Rules then in force under the old Associations Incorporation Act 1981. The Victorian Government enacted the Associations Incorporation Reform Act 2012, which necessitated changes to the rules. Some changes were incorrectly or incompletely executed.

Following advice from the CAV in October 2015 a rules review was conducted. It is not appropriate to adopt the Model Rules wholesale as they are more complex than our needs, but our rules should in a broad sense comply with them.

These changes have been broken up into a number of Special Resolutions to be put to the SGM, listed below. The current Rules can be viewed at and the Model Rules can be found here.

Resolution One resolves the situation we encountered after the 2015 AGM, has been worded for us by a CAV representative and is based on Model Rule 57.

Resolution Two contains a variety of minor fixes, amendments and adjustments to reflect current practice and to bring Wikimedia Australia’s rules into line with the Model Rules.

Resolution Three adds two new rules directly from the Model Rules. If adopted, the Conflict of Interest policy will have to be reviewed by the committee to ensure compliance with the new rule.


  1. Apologies, attendance
  1. Proposed Rule Changes
    1. Resolution 1
    2. Resolution 2
    3. Resolution 3


See the Meeting:2016_SGM/Minutes

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