Meeting:2017 AGM/Treasurer's Report

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Annual Financial Statements

The attached financial statements will be submitted to Consumer Affairs Victoria as part of our annual information statement.

The association held assets of $32,407 at 30 June 2017, on a cash basis.

Current balance

As of 7 October 2017, there is $30,572.94 in the Westpac account, $323.29 in our debit Credit Card account and $0 in the PayPal account.


WMAU received a total of $1,916.47 revenue for the 2016-17 financial year.

Membership dues

$545.40 in membership dues was received, over 64 transactions. One member renewed for five years and one new member joined and paid for five years.


$1,331.44 of donations was received during 2016-17, which was down slightly from what WMAU received during 2015-16.

Bank interest

Interest for the 2016-27 financial year was $39.63

Bendigo Bank

With the closure of the WMAU Bendigo Bank accounts, $2,084.44 was transferred to the Westpac account. $100 donation was received in December 2016, with $97.44 received sometime between October 2015 to December 2016. $1,891 BAS refunds was received from the ATO.


Ongoing expenses

Google Apps

Google has recently moved its accounts from Singapore to Australia. From July - November cost was $70 per month and December - June was $71.50 per month.


Xero currently it costs WMAU $50 per month and has for sometime.


Our website hosting is currently provided by Linode at a cost of US$20 per month.

Wiki Loves Earth 2016

$904.60 was spent for prizes, printing and postage for the final 10 and offical winner.


$500 budget was set aside for WikiClubs to help assist in covering expenses.

WikiClub WA spent $489.10 of the set budget.

Melbourne Knowledge Week

A total of $1,238.73 was spent, $1,159.88 of it was spent in 2016-17 financial year and $78.85 in the current (2017-18) financial year.

Strategy Tour

A total of $3,341.39 was spent with a strategy grant for the amount of $2,372.86 from WMF reducing the expenditure to $968.53.

Wikimania 2017 Montreal

WMAU had 1 full and 1 part scholarship for Wikimania 2017 Montreal. A total of $5,320 being spent.

$2,320 had been spent during the 2016-17 financial year, with $3,000 spent during this (2017-18) financial year.

Wikimedia Conference Berlin 2017

$2,093.85 was spent, included is the costs of sending one Committee member to London for information and workings of QRpedia.


Bendigo Bank

$4 was charged for the closure of the account.


PayPal fees for 2016-17 financial year was $67.39

Concluding remarks

Since being in the role of Treasurer, fixing the issues with Bendigo Bank has been on going for sometime but has finally been dealt with but PayPal has become a new issue, fake donations have been made (likely to test stolen credit card information) during the past few months which has created more workload in dealing with it and this has resulted in WMAU taking the action of ceasing the use of PayPal for now with 2017-18 Committee to decide on the future use of PayPal.