Meeting:Committee (2009 July 26)

Minutes of Committee meeting 2009-07-26

Opening: Meeting opened at 1100 AEDST

Attendance: Brianna (Chair), Brian, John, Liam, Nathan, Sarah (minutes), Andrew (non-voting observer)

Apologies: Nil

Absent: Gideon (non-voting observer)


Confirmation of Minutes

Resolution Minutes of the meeting held on 2009-06-13 and previously circulated are accepted.

  • Moved: Brianna.
  • Seconded: Nathan.

Carried without dissent.

GLAM-Wiki Bursaries

Andrew excused himself from the meeting while the committee discussed bursary applications for GLAM-Wiki. We received four requests for bursaries, totalling $1085.

Resolution: The committee approves $950 of bursaries as follows:

  • $250
  • $250
  • $200
  • $250
  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Sarah

Carried without dissent.

Sarah will write to bursary applicants and notify them of the amount approved for them. Bursary recipients are required to bring the receipt for their airfare to GLAM-Wiki and will be reimbursed on the day by cheque.

  • Note 1: Subsequent to the meeting, one bursary recipient had to pull out of the conference, so while in Canberra, attending committee members discussed the bursaries and redistributed the funds as follows: $270, $300, and $215, which represents full reimbursement of travel expenses for applicants. There were four committee members in attendance (Brianna, Liam, Sarah and Brian) and thus quorum was met under the rules which defines four committee members as constituting a quorum for committee meetings.
  • Note 2: For privacy reasons, names of bursary recipients have been redacted from the public minutes but are recorded on the minutes available to committee members on the committee's wiki.

Official wiki license (GFDL/CC-BY-SA)

Andrew returned to the meeting.

The committee discussed updating the official wiki site license from GFDL to CC-BY-SA 3.0.

Resolution: The official wiki license will be updated to CC-BY-SA 3.0

  • Moved: Brian
  • Seconded: Liam

Carried without dissent.

Wikimedia Foundation stationery and merchandise start-up grant

The committee discussed merchandising and the possibility of forming a sub-committee authorised to design and organise chapter merchandise.

Sarah reported on progress of printing. Quotes for the pull-up banner and the chapter stationery templates provided by the Wikimedia Foundation have been sent to the committee mailing list.

Resolution: The committee approves spending of up to $1000 on stationery and promotional materials in the lead up to GLAM.

  • Moved: Brianna
  • Seconded: Nathan

Carried without dissent.

AuDA Foundation funding - closes July 31, 2009

The AuDA Foundation funding applications for this year close July 31, 2009 (see AuDA Foundation). Various ideas for future proposals were discussed, including Australian history and improving access to the Internet for regional, rural and remote communities.

Treasurer's update

Brian provided the committee with a treasurers report which was accepted.

Close of meeting

The meeting closed at 13:09.

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