Meeting:Committee (2009 June 13)

Minutes of Committee Meeting 2009-06-13.

Opening: Meeting opened at 1400 AEDST

Attendance: Brianna (Chair), Brian, John, Liam, Sarah (minutes)

Apologies: Nathan Carter

Absent: Andrew, Gideon


Confirmation of Minutes

Resolution Minutes of the meeting held on 2009-05-04 and previously circulated are accepted.

  • Moved: Brian.
  • Seconded: Brianna .
  • Absent: Sarah

Carried without dissent


Financial report

Brian provided the committee with a draft account for committee discussion and feedback. Also report of financial transactions since 1/2/09: *Income: $280.26 (Members: $230.00, Donation: $50.00, Interest: $0.26).

  • Expenditure: $252.35 (Incorporation fee: $113.50, Web hosting: $45.00; Linux Open Day Hobart expenses: $91.05,
  • Bank charges: $2.80).
  • Balance at bank: $1836.47.

GLAM update and payment of expenses

GLAM registrations have been open for a week now and are already at 1/3 subscribed. The chapter is receiving a grant of $US5,000 from the Wikimedia Foundation which has been approved/confirmed but may not arrive until after the event. Costs will be covered by grants and sponsorship from a variety of partners, including a grant from the WMF and in-kind support of the AWM. Liam is still in discussions with some groups who may be interested in sponsorship.

The committee discussed payment of GLAM expenses and the chapter's ability to cover expenses before the arrival of funding.

Resolution: The committee will pay GLAM expenses up to $AUD1000 before WMF grant arrives.

  • Moved: Brian
  • Seconded: Sarah
  • Abstain:Liam

Carried without dissent

The committee noted the following checks that are needed for payment:

  1. is the expenditure legitimate expenditure for the event?
  2. are there still remaining funds from the grant.
  3. (1) is best initially done by the GLAM organisers, with an additional check from Brian and one other signature on the account (Brianna, Sarah or John).(2) is done by Brian as Treasurer.

Resolution: The Committee gives general approval for payment of GLAM expenditure provided it follows the above points.

  • Moved: Brian
  • Seconded: Brianna
  • Abstain: Liam

Carried without dissent.

Merchant credit card facilities and paypal

The committee discussed the possibility of setting up paypal and merchant credit card facilities and Brian reported to the committee regarding the costs involved in setting up credit card facilities: Credit card: Joining fee:$100.00; Monthly fee: $5.00; Credit card rate: 3.50%; Termination fee: $250.00 (within 12 months). So, cost is $160.00 for first year and $60 for later years.

Resolution: Brian Salter-Duke is authorised to open a Paypal account for Wikimedia Australia.

  • Moved: Brianna
  • Seconded: Sarah

Carried without dissent.

Extension of non-voting participatory members

Resolution: In light of Resolution:Inviting non-voting participants to committee discussions, the committee invites Andrew Owens to extend the existing arrangement for the duration of the committee's term. The committee acknowledges Gideon Digby's withdrawal and thanks him for his participation.

  • Moved: Brianna
  • Seconded: Sarah
  • Abstain: John

Carried without dissent

Volunteer system administrator

The committee discussed creating a volunteer sysadmin position, as defined on the position description page [1] and appointing Andrew Garrett (User:Werdna).

Resolution: Andrew Garrett is appointed to the position of volunteer systems administrator (position description attached).

  • Moved: Brianna
  • Seconded: Liam
  • Abstain: John

Carried without dissent

Committee mailing list moderation

Due to increasingly levels of spam, the committee has begun moderating its mailing list. Brian has been moderating mail and reported that since commencing moderation, 22 messages have required attention - 10 were allowed through, mostly large messages from Liam, Brianna and Brian. One, trying to complain to Jimmy Wales, which Brian replied, putting him in the right direction. 11 were discarded - the usual rubbish, bank scams, selling us bone meal, be my friend at Facebook, etc.

Sarah will help Brian with moderating the mail.

Stationery quote

Sarah will get quotes for printing the stationery templates provided by the Wikimedia Foundation and items for GLAM.

Close of meeting

The meeting closed at 16:17.

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