Meeting:Committee (2010-03-21)

Start: 5:51pm AEDST 21 March 2010, #wmau-comm.

Attendance: Brianna (chair), Sarah (minutes), Steve, Andrew.

Apologies: Brian, Liam


Previous minutes

Resolution: The committee accepts the minutes of the 30 January, 2010 meeting.

  • Moved - Steve
  • Seconded - Brianna
  • CWD

Resolution: The committee accepts the minutes of the 25 February, 2010 meeting.

  • Moved - Steve
  • Seconded - Andrew
  • CWD


Treasurer's report

Steve provided the committee with a treasurer's report as follows:

  • Total deposits for the month: $100.08.
  • Total withdrawals for the month: $4.20.
  • Bank Balance as at 21 March, 2010: $10,186.13
  • One cheque in the sum of $61.73 yet to be presented.
  • No other payments expected in the short term.
  • No Paypal payments.

Resolution: The committee accepts the treasurer's report.

  • Moved - Brianna
  • Seconded - Sarah
  • CWD

Merchandise quotes

At the committee retreat in January, the committee asked Steve to obtain quotes for merchandise and promotional items. Steve has presented the committee with a quote for a range of merchandise items. The committee thanked Steve for his efforts obtaining the quotes. The committee will continue discussion regarding merchandise on the committee's website and the mailing list. 31 March, 2010, was set as the target date for finalising the discussion.

Berlin chapters meeting

The committee noted that Sarah and Andrew have received funding approval for attending the Wikimedia Foundation's 2010 Chapter Meeting in Berlin.

Confirmation of support for Wikimedia Foundation board chapter's seat election process

On the committee's mailing list, the committee has been discussing the proposed appointment process for electing members to the chapters' seats on the Wikimedia Foundation's board in 2010. The committee has achieved unanimous support on the mailing list for the appointment process.

Resolution: The committee confirms Wikimedia Australia's support for the process to elect new members to the Chapters' seats on the Wikimedia Foundation board in 2010.

  • Moved - Brianna
  • Seconded - Steve
  • CWD

Meeting closed 19:14 AEDST

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