Meeting:Committee (2010-05-09)

Meeting start: 6:00pm AEDST 09 May 2010, teleconference.

Attendance: Steve (chair), Sarah (minutes), Brianna, Liam, Brian, Andrew.

Apologies: none

On Saturday 8 May 2010, Brianna informed the committee of her intention to resign as president of Wikimedia Australia. As a result, a special purpose teleconference was convened for 6:00pm AEDST on Sunday 10 May, 2010.


Brianna Laugher's resignation

The chair opened the meeting and invited Brianna to address the committee. She then formally submitted her resignation from the seat of president of Wikimedia Australia, effective immediately.

Resolution: With deep regret, the committee accepts Brianna's resignation from the seat of president of Wikimedia Australia's committee.

  • Moved - Steve
  • Seconded - Sarah
  • CWD

The committee thanked Brianna for the tremendous contribution she has made to the chapter and the committee since before its inception in 2008.

It was decided that Brianna would announce her resignation to the members when she was ready and until her announcement the matter would be treated confidentially by all committee members. When Brianna sends her announcement to the chapter mailing lists, Sarah will send a response reflecting the committee's regret at her departure and appreciation of her contribution.

Nominations for the seat of president

The seat of president was declared vacated and the chair opened the floor for nominations for the seat.

Sarah submitted a nomination for Steve Peters.

Andrew seconded the nomination of Steve.

Steve accepted the nomination.

No further nominations were submitted.

The committee accepted Steve's nomination for the seat of president.

Resolution: The committee appoints Steve to the vacant seat of president. Steve may hold the seat up to and including the conclusion of the next annual general meeting.

  • Moved - Andrew
  • Seconded - Sarah
  • Abstain - Steve
  • CWD

Sanction to fundraise in Queensland

Resolution: The committee approves applying to the State of Queensland for a sanction to fundraise.

  • Moved: Brian
  • Second: Steve
  • CWD

Meeting closed 18:30 AEDST

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