Meeting:Committee (2010-08-08)

Start: 1700 Australian EST, 8 August, 2010


Attendance, absence, apologies, previous minutes

Attendance: Steve (chair), Sarah (minutes), Liam, Brian, Andrew.

Apologies: none

Absence: none

Previous minutes

  • Motion: That the minutes of the meeting 3 July, 2010 are accepted.
  • Moved: Andrew
  • Seconded: Brian
  • Carried without dissent.



Sarah provided the committee with a secretary report. We have received a small grant application from Robert Myers (details of which have already been provided to the committee). Incoming emails have averaged around 5-10 per day. We received an email from someone wanting us to sponsor his new wildlife television show. We have also received a number of emails from people complaining about Wikileaks publishing US military documents and mistakenly believing that Wikileaks is a Wikimedia project and that Julian Assange is associated with Wikimedia Australia. Correspondence is up-to-date. It was noted that CiviCRM is still not working and agreed that it needs to be fixed soon in order to prepare for the fundraiser.


Brian provided the committee with a draft 2010 financial report. The committee briefly discussed whether an audit should be done. It was decided to defer making a decision until Brian checks whether one is required by any of the states for the fundraiser.

Motion: That the treasurer's financial report is accepted.

  • Moved: Sarah
  • Seconded: Steve
  • Carried without dissent.


Motion: Approval of Robert Myers small grant application

The committee has received a small grant application from Robert Myers. The application proposes a photographic expedition to Canberra. The committee discussed the application on the committee's mailing list and the request has been approved.

Motion: The committee approves Robert Myers' application for a $100 small grant to assist with travel and accommodation expenses to Canberra for a photography expedition. The expedition will support Wikimedia work by enabling the member to obtain up-to-date photographs of locations which Wikimedia projects do not have photographs of or which are not up-to-date.

  • Moved: Sarah
  • Seconded: Andrew
  • Carried without Dissent.

Motion: Extension of small grant program

When the committee started the small grant program, it was agreed that the trial program would finish in August. As only $200 of the $500 allocated for this program has been distributed, the committee has decided to extend the trial program until all funds have been distributed. The committee will then review the program and decide whether to continue with it as a regular and permanent program.

Motion: The committee extends the small grants program indefinitely until the funds reserved for the program have been allocated and distributed. Once the funds have been allocated, the committee will review the program.

  • Moved: Sarah
  • Seconded: Liam
  • Carried without dissent.

Motion: Promotional pens

The secretary has received the promotional pens ordered for use in membership packs and for outreach. The invoice has been forwarded to the treasurer for payment.

Motion: The committee approves the payment of $400 to Australian Online Printing for Bic Clic Stic promotional pens. Invoice has been provided to the treasurer.

  • Moved: Steve
  • Seconded: Brian
  • Opposed: None
  • Carried with dissent.

AGM details

The committee set the AGM start time for 2pm EST on 19 September, 2010. The meeting will be chaired from Computerbank in Melbourne. Members will be offered the option of participating via conference call or irc. The AGM agenda will include the proposed rule changes discussed earlier in the year. It was decided that Brian would write a summary of the proposed rule changes and why the committee is proposing them to provide to the members.

Motion: Election

The committee had a long discussion about three issues raised by Steve concerning the committee election process. Two issues related to using electronic voting, being the potential for memberdb admins to access the running total during the election, and individuals being able to vote multiple times by registering using fake mailing addresses. To address these two issues, the committee came to the agreement that the committee election for 2010 would be conducted by postal vote. The third issue related to the possibility of vote stacking.

Motion: voting for committee candidates at the 2010 AGM to be held on 19 September be conducted by postal vote, and that voting papers be dispatched to financial members so that they arrive no later than 12 September.

  • Moved: Sarah
  • Seconded: Andrew
  • Absent: Brian
  • Carried without dissent

(Note: This resolution passed but ongoing discussion after the meeting led to the committee deciding that the postal vote was not workable for this year's election and that it was now too late in the year to implement in a fair way that would not disenfranchise members in areas not well serviced by Australia Post. The committee then proceeded to disable the feature which allowed memberdb admins to access the running result.)

Meeting closed 19:51.

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