Meeting:Committee (2010-10-25)

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Start: 19:50 AEDT, 25 October 2010


Attendance, absence, apologies, previous minutes.

  • Attendance: John (chair), Adam, Andrew (minutes), Charles, Brian (observing)
  • Apologies: Craig
  • Absences: Sarah

Motion: previous minutes

Motion: That the minutes of the meeting 25 September 2010 are accepted.

  • Moved: Andrew
  • Seconded: John
  • Carried without dissent.



  • CiviCRM has been set up.
  • E-mail addresses for the new committee are all working.

Public officer

(Bullet points reflect action items)

  1. Rule change has been approved by CAV
  2. Financial report for 2009-10 has been received by CAV
  3. Fundraising approval in Victoria.
    • Brian, John, Craig, Adam and Andrew will all be on the list of appeal managers sent to VIC, however Brian can remove anyone from the list in order to complete the process.
  4. Fundraising approval in NSW.
    • John replaces Steve Peters as contact person.
    • Fundraising records will be kept by the Secretary but copies will be with the President.
    • Bank account - see Motions.
  5. Fundraising approval in QLD.
    • John and/or Craig be listed as being prepared to be a promoter.


Motion: Bank account for fundraising appeal

Motion: That a second account is opened at Bendigo Bank, and all money from the fundraising appeal will be deposited into this account.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Andrew
  • Carried without dissent

Motion: Brian's expenses

Brian had incurred expenses by credit card itemised as follows: $71.70 to file the rule change with CAV, $41.80 to file the annual financial report with CAV and $20.95 for postage related to CAV forms and handing over Treasurer files.

Motion: That expenses of $134.45 will be reimbursed to Brian Salter-Duke.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Charles
  • Carried without dissent.



  • The committee discussed the affiliate member proposal, which met with general agreement. John will copy-edit and post it to the members' list.
  • The Firefox bounties proposal was also generally discussed, as were issues of native support for JPEG2000, DjVu and PDF formats.


  • Brian to proceed with notifying NSW, VIC and QLD statutory authorities of the new contact information.
  • Craig to open the second account at Bendigo Bank per Motion 1
  • Craig to arrange payment of $134.45 to Brian per Motion 2
  •  ? to write two monthly reports for WMF; one covering up until the AGM, and one for October

Meeting closed 21:26 AEDT