Meeting:Committee (2012-05-20)

The meeting commenced at 15:00 hours (AEST) [Log: 15:00 hours] on #wmau-comm (irc// The meeting linked to the Agenda.


  • Attendance: John (Chair), Craig, Anne (Minutes), Graham, Charles (joined at 16:23)
  • Apology: Laura


It was agreed that a Committee resolution later in the week would pass the April Minutes as the Chair requested more time to review them.


Membership Report

Membership renewals have been sent to members via email. There have been a few auto-returns which will be followed up and if necessary communicated via letter. Of the sixty (60) current members as at 20 May 2012, the majority have received the renewal emails; a small number are paid up to 30 June 2013; and two joined after 1 April 2012 and therefore receive membership to 30 June 2013.

John has set up a membership renewal page on committee wiki and, as renewals are received, they will be annotated on the list to keep track of renewals. Craig advised that some members have already renewed their membership.

There were two (2) new public wiki accounts created by the Account Approvers this month.


Incoming Correspondence Report

John reported on incoming mail:

Two incoming emails regarding Wikipedia, and one email regarding a new Wikimedia project idea. All handled by OTRS.

One event-spam for; forwarded to public and private mailing lists.

Finance Report

Craig updated the committee regarding the audit in that the financial files are ready for sending to the Auditor. The bank will be preparing the necessary audit certificates and will be posting them to the Auditor. BAS statements are now complete. All record keeping will be improved in the new financial year with the procurement of the new Xero software to manage it.

Craig advised he is intending to have the books for this financial year closed by the end of July 2012 and approach the AGM with audited statements, leaving mid-September for the AGM. The Auditor will have access to Xero, making management of the financial papers easier for the Auditor.

Craig is to obtain quotes for an Accountant and will seek the assistance of committee.

Technology Report

John advised that Peter Jeremy has been appointed volunteer system administrator and can therefore help with upgrades. The position requires adherence to the Donor Privacy policy which means not accessing donor data unless explicitly requested to do so.

Resolution:Peter Jeremy appointed volunteer system administrator

Donor Privacy Policy

State Library of Queensland - a year of outreach

At the end of April, John reported the three workshops in North Queensland went really well, marking the end of WMAU's first year of outreach in collaboration with the State Library of Queensland (SLQ).

The report was sent to the public Wikimedia-au mailing list.[1]


WMAU has spent less than $9,000 on all of the SLQ workshops to-date, i.e. on average spending 50% of the allocated amount of $3,000 per workshop. A detailed report of expenditure will be available after receipts are in from the final workshop in June.

The financial contribution by SLQ and the participating cultural organisations will be much higher, including in-kind contributions of venues; catering provided by SLQ for the workshops held at Brisbane; and the time of the SLQ staff and the participants at these workshops.

The Wikipedia page for our collaboration with SLQ has been improved: w:Wikipedia:GLAM/SLQ. It is being used by SLQ to track the number of workshop topics approved.

Approximately 30% of the draft articles have been published as of the end of April. A reasonable guess is that at least 70% of the workshop participants are women, and they are closely attached to libraries, and willing and able to provide sources.

WMAU were able to supply seven trainers for the workshops, and are thankful to the Ozzie and Kiwi community members who helped out with the sessions by editing most of the articles during and after each session.

In late May, Craig and Shiftchange are going to Harvey Bay and Gympie, and John and Siska are going to Hughenden and Charters Towers.

Wikimedia Chapters Association, Interim-Secretariat Report

Craig reported that the Wikimedia Chapters Association's (WCA) Interim-Secretariat draft report for the WCA standing orders is to hand. The draft will be voted on at the first meeting of the Association's Council at Wikimania in Washington DC in July this year. The draft does not cover any guidelines on the financial obligations of the Association's Chapter members.

[Standing Orders]

The next step is for Chapters to formally join the Association, therefore Chapters will need to ratify the Charter outlined in Berlin and select their representatives to the Association's governing Council.

John is to draw up a letter advising Tomar Ashur for the WCA Interim-Secretariat, of WMAU's motion to join the WCA which was moved under the item 'Wikimedia Conference 2012, Berlin' at the Committee Meeting held in April 2012.

Action: John

QRpedia Report

Australia's first QRpedia entry was installed by at w:St James' Church, Sydney.

commons:File:QRpedia code and Rector, Children's Chapel, St James' Church, Sydney.JPG

Social media report

Charles reported on WMAU's social media sites that are now up and running and as yet to be promoted throughout the community - with 16 tweets on Twitter; and two followers on Facebook (one joining during the Committee Meeting) with the now activated WMAU page.


Charles was congratulated for the work he has done in getting these sites up and running and as such wholeheartedly supported in the position as 'designated agent'.

Motion: That the media policy is approved by the Committee.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Charles
  • Support: Anne, Craig, Graham

Carried without dissent [Log: 16:31]

Motion: That Charles Gregory is the designated agent of Wikimedia Australia for Twitter and Facebook.

  • Moved: John
  • Seconded: Graham
  • Support: Anne, Craig
  • Abstain: Charles

Carried without dissent [Log: 16:36]

John expressed interest in volunteering as the designated agent of Wikimedia Australia for the professional social networking website LinkedIn.

Motion: That John Vandenberg is the designated agent of Wikimedia Australia for LindekIn.

  • Moved: Craig
  • Seconded: Charles,
  • Support: Graham, Anne
  • Abstain: John

Carried without dissent [Log: 16:36]

WMAU Program Activity


Links to be found at meta:WikiWomenCamp/Participation.

Arrangements have nearly been finalised except for some last minute matters arising regarding funding of attendees where there is a small amount not used and one case where accommodation may not be fully covered. Craig advised that as we have not as yet sent the $1000 to WMAR, we can save on international transfer fees by adding any shortfall amount to that transfer. There may be a need for an additional $AUD220 on top of what has been requested and this was agreed to by committee.

John extended thanks to the organisers Siska Doviana (WMID), Béria Lima (WMAR) and Julia Kloppenburg (WMDE), and Laura Hale from Wikimedia Australia for the excellent work in organising the event.

Wikimania Conference 2012 and Wikimania Hong Kong 2013

Wikimania Conference, Washington DC 2012 Additional to the report in the April 2012 Minutes there are two resolutions that were carried by Committee, namely

Resolution:Wikimania 2012 travel grant - Liam Wyatt
Resolution:Wikimania 2012 travel grant -

Charles is to follow up on accommodation for attendees at Wikimania.

Wikimania Hong Kong 2013 The meeting discussed interest in assisting Hong Kong with Wikimania 2013 and decided upon Charles canvassing the members for expressions of interest; the role involves helping with finding cheap flights, putting out scholarship requests, and other related work. Charles also volunteered his services.

Action: Charles

Wikimedians to the Games (W2G)

The Wikimedians to the Games competition is now moving from stage 1 into stage 2. The competition panel has been reviewing the contributions of the Wikimedians contributing content about the Paralympic Movement in Australia and working with the community members to register them for press passes.

Stage 1 decision

John expressed thanks to the Australian Paralympic Committee assisting all seventeen participants to Stage 2 and who indicated they would be in Brisbane for the workshops and meetup on the 26 and 27 May. The session will use a chapter of the written history that University of Queensland (UQ) sports historian Murray Phillips is writing, about the "The History of the Paralympic Movement in Australia" (HOPAU), as the basis for creating and expanding Wikipedia articles about the Paralympic movement in Australia.

Murray Phillips chapter identifies the key topics that need to be expanded on Wikipedia to complement the development of the written history. He will share what he has in mind, and participants will be collaborating with him to flesh it out. Wikipedians and the Paralympic community will identify which topics the wiki folk should focus on for the next few months to be able to work together with his research assistants.

The afternoon session is to incorporate whiteboards and discussion about the topics, investigating any potential notability and verifiability issues related to these topics, and allocating topics to people who would like to work on them.

At the conclusion of the session, there will be a list of topics on the wiki so that the online community can join in the discussion and collaboration.

John further reported that the Sunday morning session will be more focused on content, with participants working individually or in small groups. Participants will be in the stacks, finding resources, scanning, and writing articles.

In both sessions, APC staff, Murray Phillips and related UQ staff and students will be working together with Wikipedians to learn how to edit Wikipedia.

The Wikimedia Australia resolutions regarding this workshop can be found at

[Resolution:HOPAU Workshop May 2012]

Meeting closed at 17:07 hours [Log: 17:07]

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