Meeting:Committee (2013-01-05)

There was a face-to-face meeting of the committee of Wikimedia Australia in Melbourne on 5 January 2013.


  • Craig, Graham, Steve, John, Kerry, Charles


Strategy – current status


There was discussion about the following topics:

  • Privacy of real-life locations of editors
  • Enduction, both for new Wikimedians and new members of Wikimedia Australia
  • Improvements of social media and public relations: more clarity on its purpose
  • Improvements to the accounts page

volunteer initiatives

  • Small grant - support
    • Same level of requests
    • Should this be mentioned in the email induction?


  • Performance-linked incentives (???)
  • fundraising - not required
  • Poor in general

Keeping new australian users

  • Improving (???)
  • Category:Wikipedians in Australia on the English Wikipedia
  • Programs by the State Library of Queensland and the Australian Paralympic Committee have attracted new users.

Real life events

Steve's Wikimedia Australia meetups proposal was discussed. It was determined that we would need state meeting coordinators, and that the Melbourne meetup experience should be more thoroughly reported on (???).

Australian content

There was discussion of the following programs and their results:

  • State Library of Queensland – some good content
  • Australian Paralympic Committee – excellent content/coverage
  • State Library of New South Wales – newspapers/classical music (???)
  • Freopedia - getting traction

Recognise contributions

  • Poor (???)

Foundation resources

  • fellowships?

Regional Australian outreach

Outreach to the State Library of Queensland and State Library of New South Wales is going very well. We need to create some package training materials.

Digitise Australian works

  • good progress
  • some organisations want to attach their copyright



  • Good networks

Language groups

Lang camp went very well.

Uni outreach

- not organised yet

Open gov movement

Local caching/archiving

There was discussion about this, but it was concluded that it would not be feasible nor would it be desirable.

Australian dev movement

Strategy - review and revise

  • FDC
  • Narrowing focus

Annual plan

  • Jan 1 - $100k
    • (-5k) winter sports
    • (-5k) f2f meeting
    • (-28k) APC
  • Remaining - $60k
  • Australia meetups
    • 8 cities x 4 per year x $150 = $4800
    • one member
  • PLI $1000 (???)
  • Meetups $5000 ($1k / $4k)
  • - $30k commissioned work ($15k / $15k)
  • - $10k ALIA

Resolution relating to banking signatures

  • John moves that Anne is removed from the Bendigo Bank signature list and Charles and Kerry are added (Craig and Graham are to be retained).
  • Seconded: Graham
  • Support: Charles, Craig, Steve, Kerry
  • Craig moves that Anne be removed from the Australian Tax Office signatories list and Charles be added.
  • Seconded: ?
  • Support: ? (carried without dissent, I believe) Graham87 21:25, 25 March 2013 (EST)

Staffing notes

  • Fellowship/staff $90000
    • Desk bound
    • Policies, communications, project management, event management, minutes
  • Short term contract/permanent/outsourcing/fellowship/commissioned work/partner organisation (Creative Commons Australia, State Library of Queensland)

Service provider panel

  • Six people
  • Can do paid commissioned work
  • must have ABN, will publish with name and skillset
  • Fixed cost per hour for short term work
  • Large work by negotiation

Costs: secretary $40/hr, higher end $75/hr


Review current proposals

New proposals

Timeline for 2013

Sunday 6th (public meeting)

  • 10am welcome
  • 10:30 review of board day
  • 11:30 high level discussion
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