Meeting:Committee (2013-02-16)

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Start: 15:00 AEST(Melbourne); 14:00 AEDT(Brisbane); 12:00 AWST(Perth); 11:00 WIB (04:00 UTC)

Duration: 2 hrs

  • Program activity

  • Liam and Gillian doing a "This month in GLAM" update
  • Bendigo health workshops
    • Chris Watkins, Peter Waugh assisting
  • Training course in Toowoomba
    • w/SLQ
    • Lots of orgs wanting to run Regional WikiAcadamy Program
    • In NSW, a group is keen to build on SLQ

  • Proposals

  • COI policy
    • Needs to follow general spirit of law, not specific parts of legislation

  • WIR
    • Kerry suggests to support 15 people, we may need to look beyond female Wikipedians - outside WM community and not only females
    • 75% female participation target
    • EoIs before Thurs Feb 28th - to members by end of this month.

  • WMAU meetups
    • First Sunday in April (7th)
    • Merge with "town hall" concept
    • Budget from F2F was: 8 venues * 4 per year * $150 each = $4800
  • Committee F2F quarterly in different city - to co-incide with other projects

  • Public officer
    • Pru to act as PO temporarily
    • Charles to do membership list as of 1 July, AGM minutes

  • FDC
    • R2 application may exclude us from R1 2014
    • John prefers not to use GAC - excludes things such as staff
    • Steven to be in SFO next week and will meet with Anasuya
    • Rest of committee to have plan drafted before Feb 21st