Meeting:Committee (2014-04-21)

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Sunday 21 April 2014, 17:00 AEST

Meeting opened at 5.10pm



  • Present: Steven Zhang (President), Gideon Digby (Vice President), Andrew Owens (Secretary), Michael Billington (Treasurer), Robert, Charles
  • Observers:
  • Apologies: Pru Mitchell*, Craig Franklin (observer), Kerry Raymond (observer)
  • Absent: none

(Pru was in attendance for part of the meeting.)


Finance report

  • Current position (in cash): $79,986 See File:2014-04 Wikimedia Australia Inc. - Cash Summary.pdf
  • Due to problems with our present arrangements, we are looking into moving to a different bank. Andrew and Steven are currently investigating options. There will be more on this when a decision needs to be made.

ACTION: Steven to call Bendigo Bank and raise complaint re time to process, card fees etc.
ACTION: Andrew to continue follow-up with banks (inc Bendigo) and produce comparison table for committee consideration at a later date.

Incoming correspondence

  • ALIA conference invitation to be a sponsor. WMAu sponsored this (specifically the partner event NLS - New Librarians Symposium) in 2013. Decided not to sponsor in 2014.
    • ACTION: Steven to respond to email and politely decline.
  • ALIA Sydney workshop invitation. Will talk to Gillian, Toby(user:99of9), etc in Sydney to see if we can send someone. Steven raised the iidea of doing pre/post evaluation surveys, as well as handing out leaflets encouraging people to volunteer/become a WMAU member - we have been provided with the template but it needs to be edited in InDesign.
    • ACTION: Steven to create Google Doc with required fields for leaflet.
    • ACTION: All to work on above template (in Google Doc form) for leaflet - by 28 Apr
    • ACTION: Steven to work on pre/post survey with Jamie from WMF.
    • ACTION: Mike to contact potential volunteers
    • ACTION: Steve to email ALIA noting we are looking into providing volunteers.
  • BAS letter from ATO received to be done - 1 Jul 2013 to 30 Sep 2013. It is safe to assume it was not done, so we need to resolve. (The two subsequent quarters have definitely been done.)
    • ACTION: Steve to post BAS letter to Mike
    • ACTION: Mike to ring ATO, check if BAS is due, and if so, fill in the form.
  • Correspondence (11 Apr) from IP Australia about Freopedia trademark registration, following on from Andrew applying on 28 February on behalf of WMAu.
    • ACTION: Steve to scan and send to Andrew so we can enter the next stage of the process.
    • ACTION: Andrew to process once received.



  • Confirmation of Gideon's VSP reimbursement - resolution approved. (passed 17 April 2014: "Gideon Digby is to be reimbursed upon presentation of receipts for fuel costs in travelling to and from Toodyay on 8th April 2014 to speak at the Shire of Toodyay Council Forum") This was for $50.04 in fuel costs so Gideon could attend the Shire of Toodyay council meeting and address them on record. While there, he also met with representatives from an umbrella organisation for Perth's eastern suburban councils.
    • ACTION: Mike to get receipts from Gideon and process reimbursement.
  • Discussion addressed several issues - COI (the president should recuse if involved in the claim), compulsion (no-one is ever required to vote, not voting is interpreted as abstention), opposition, etc. Reasons for opposition should be given in good faith.


  • Future committee meetings - what format of communication do we use? There have been issues with minuting using Hangouts, although it facilitates open discussion via voice. Committee agreed to continue with Hangouts but use Etherpad for live minuting, and adopt some minor protocols with regards to meeting conduct.
  • Committee profiles - update.
    • ACTION: All to upload a photo of themselves. Better ones to be taken at the planned F2F meeting.
  • New process: Committee checklists from action items to be put on comm wiki , with date, by committee member.
  • Face to face meeting - broadly decided upon Melbourne as a location for a June F2F meetup - need to research venues. Conversation to continue via email. Richmond Library was used in 2010, proximity to possible city meetup may be a factor.
    • ACTION: All to research venues and report back.
  • Membership fees - reduced to $10 on 8 March 2014. Has been updated in all publications as far as we know.
    • ACTION: Steven to look into application form and welcome letter.
  • Bank signatories update - Steve is now a signatory, will arrange Michael to be added first so it's easier to add in future
  • Business cards - we can't use our current format - they're governed by WMF's visual identity guidelines.
    • ACTION: Charles and Robert to look into providers who can do rounded edges.
    • ACTION: Steve to follow up with WMF trademarks team re QR codes, option for on reverse side of cards.
  • Virtual office idea - committee discussed it but felt it is not yet appropriate for an organisation of our size. Consideration deferred.
  • Redesign of website? All agree that our site looks dated and unappealing. After reviewing various chapters' websites, committee decided to hold an open consultation with the membership on what our page should look like.
    • ACTION: Andrew to contact NL, CH and ES to find out what platforms they use and how they underlay the publicly editable wiki.
    • ACTION: Steven to write to members.
  • Public meetings. Public meetings were originally designed to engage membership, but haven't been successful - often just one member attended. Consulted with membership last month but got no significant response. The meetings will be discontinued, with alternative member engagement strategies to be attempted (discussed: Q&A, podcast, meetups)
  • Discussion about learnings form Wikimedia Conference - many and varied, only some reported at the meeting with a further report to come. Pre/post surveys and program evaluation strategies, project planning and finding a new strategy for the chapter to move forward with were key topics. Wiki Loves Monuments (on a reduced scope), national QR code project and writing competition / edit workshops are being merged into one large project after discussion with WMF staff.
  • Quarterly Report -
    • ACTION: Andrew to coordinate quarterly report, Gideon and Andrew to write up Toodyay, Steve/others to write up Paralympics edit workshop; include any other events/achievements.
  • Pending membership application and membership processing - one membership application pending. Engagement of new members was discussed - other chapters have a few strategies that work for them.
    • ACTION: Steve to work on the donate page and coordinate with WMF legal for google grants (adsense).

The meeting was closed at 8.30pm.

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