Meeting:Committee (2014-05-25)

Committee meeting

25 May 2014

This meeting has two pages: one restricted-access page (only for members of the current Board) and one public-access page (which may have sensitive information redacted).

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Sunday 25 May 2014, 16:00 AEST

Meeting opened at 16.19



  • Present: Steven Zhang (President), Gideon Digby (Vice President) from 5:21pm, Andrew Owens (Secretary) from 4:26pm, Michael Billington (Treasurer), Pru Mitchell, Robert Myers, Charles Gregory
  • Observers:
  • Apologies: Craig Franklin (observer), Kerry Raymond (observer)
  • Absent: none

(Pru was in attendance for part of the meeting.)

Action items from last meeting

  • Call Bendigo Bank and raise complaint re time to process, card fees etc. Done, not much of a sufficient response from them.
  • Respond to ALIA email and politely decline. Done - declined to sponsor ALIA conference due to cost
  • Google Doc with required fields for leaflet to hand at out at events. Done, just need new photos
  • ALIA workshop - email ALIA noting we are looking into providing volunteers. Done - Need NSW-based volunteer, probably Gillian. Discuss later in the meeting
    • work on pre/post survey with Jaime from WMF. (Jaime quite busy at the moment, but I have what I need) In progress. Action: Steve
  • post BAS letter to Mike Done - not received by Michael. Steve to scan and email to Michael
  • scan and send freopedia trademark papers to Andrew so we can enter the next stage of the process. Done - Andrew has not received anything, we are expecting to receive a request for payment in a few months.
  • look into application form and welcome letter for membership Done - same as below, and handout has app form
  • follow up with WMF trademarks team re QR codes, option for on reverse side of cards. - Done, we're OK to use codes on the back.
  • write to members about website redesign Done - Follow up thread in members list. Some interest in this
  • work on the donate page and coordinate with WMF legal for google grants (adsense). in progress - sent email to wikimedia israel as they recently got it, awaiting reply
  • Work on member welcome email and physical letter to send with Andrew Done - do we need a formal welcome email, letter should be enough with basic email? Remove wording that could cause confusion over tax-deductibility status. Typically sent by President. If numbers warrant this could be taken by someone else.
  • Gideon to look into local supplier for merchandising items compliant with visual identity guidelines ( Gideon looking for new supplier. Current option T-shirts $7-20 depending on style and volume. No pens etc from this supplier
  • Write up Toodyay report - Ongoing action item
  • Mike to contact potential volunteers for alia workshop Done
    • Interested Presenters are:
      • Richard Ames <>
      • Gillian White <>
      • Toby Hudson <>
  • Mike to get receipts from Gideon and process reimbursement. Done
  • Continue follow-up with banks (inc Bendigo) and produce comparison table for committee consideration at a later date. Action: Andrew within the week
  • Process freopedia trademark papers once received: Received notification - have to wait for a Notice of Acceptance in about July, which will also advise the cost payable at that time.
  • Andrew to coordinate quarterly activities report: Action outstanding. Do we have a template for quarterly activities report? Are there examples of previous reports? Excellent idea to look at examples of other chapters our size. Can someone else help with this?
  • email prospective member (Meredith) - done by Steve.
  • Look into business card providers that can do rounded edges - Six quote requests sent, awaiting on a response. Done (one quote given, one couldn't give us what we want and the other four didn't respond) Only received one quote $ Andrew has one quote (We Print It) and seeking another two - others out of ballpark. Possible to contact WMF about Suggest this is not worth it at this stage.


Finance report

Membership report

  • Have all pending membership applications been accepted/decided on? Meredith has been sent welcome letter.
  • One application still outstanding.
    • Action: Andrew to process membership application.
    • Action: Steve then send welcome letter

Incoming correspondence



Discussion regarding sending a committee member to London for Wikimania

Gideon left the meeting.

Tom and Andrew Billinghurst are known to have received Wikimania scholarships.

No WM-AU committee rep for Wikimania unless we budget for $2600 - earlybird rate still available till 15 June 2014. Need to act quickly. Move motion at this meeting giving "in principle approval to funding the registration, flights and accommodation and per diem for sending one committee representative to Wikimania 2014 from Chapter funds directly." Provided travel policy is followed. Insurance $58 - to cover equipment

Action: WM-AU records chapter disappointment / irritation at the WIkimania 2014 Scholarship process and sends a recommendation to WMF that some form of local chapter endorsement be part of the application process for scholarships.

In Gideon's absence, the meeting resolved:

Wikimedia Australia nominates Gideon Digby as its representative to attend the Wikimania conference in 2014 in London. The committee will book the flight and accommodation and pay for the conference registration fee and travel insurance to a maximum value of $2,600. Gideon will write a report for Wikimedia Australia within a month of his return.
  • Moved: Andrew
  • Second: Robert
  • Carried without dissent.

Action: Steve to share/upload expenses spreadsheet template for use by others travelling

Gideon was invited back into the meeting at 17:28, and undertook to fulfil the conditions in the preceding motion.

resolved that Andrew be reimbursed for $27 for Tim Tams, Cherry Ripes and Caramello Koalas given out at Wikimedia Conference in Berlin as presents from Wikimedia Australia.
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Gideon
  • Abstain: Andrew
  • Carried without dissent.
Final vote on BoT if not done
That Alice Wiegand and Patricio Lorente be approved as WMAu's vote for the Board of Trustees.
  • Moved: Steve
  • Second: Gideon
  • Carried without dissent.

(For future record, Alice and Patricio were the two incumbent board members up for vote.)


  • F2F meeting - some of the committee are tied up with other things, is there value in proceeding?
    • Proposal to schedule a face to face handover meeting/workshop following the AGM for planning the year ahead
    • Budget for this would need to be estimated
    • Coincide with the launch of the WIki of Oz project - early September 2014
  • 2014 AGM - any value in holding the AGM early?
    • Earliest date of AGM is 1 July 2014 (s63 of the Act)
    • Late August is good timing. Need to give 14 days notice for AGM?
    • Looking at August dates: When will Gideon get back from Wikimania?
    • AGM on Saturday 23 August as day before our normal Committee meeting.
  • ALIA training - let's decide on who to send and get it going.
    • Action: Pru and Steve work with Gillian to develop a training 'model or package' for use in ALIA partnerships which contribute to both ALIA and WM objectives. Set dates for weekend training dates in August/Sep 2014
  • 2014 Annual plan - instead of doing a full annual plan, let's just get a few projects going. Discuss 3-part WLM/QR/article writing proposal. It was proposed at last meeting to reach out to contacts, how did this go?
    • Action: Gideon and Andrew to work on project planning for 2014 project and report back to June 2014 committee meeting
    • Wiki loves Monuments - option to do our own version of it as [according to what WMF told us in April
    • Wiki of Oz
  • 2015 Annual plan - let's get the process started early
  • Business cards
    • $47/100 rounded to $7.40/100 square corners

The meeting was closed at 18.12.

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