Meeting:Committee (2014-07-06)

  Wikimedia Australia Inc.
Sunday 6 July 2014, 16:00 AEDST -- June Committe Meeting
  • Meeting opened at 16:22



  • Present: Steven, Gideon, Michael, Pru, Robert, Andrew(joined at 19:03)
  • Observers:
  • Apologies: Andrew
  • Absent: Charles, Kerry, Craig


Minutes for March, April and May were approved by vote of the committee (motions formally recorded in the 27 July 2014 minutes) on 8 July 2014.


Finance report

  • cash posiiton: $77239
  • one $10 donation received in the period
  • 28 membership renewels, 30 remain unpaid
    • general discussion on memberships, mail out to remind members and a personal contact from local committee persons

Action Items:

  • Michael to prepare End of Financial Year reports

Membership report

  • Discussion during Financial reporting
  • ACTION: Michael will send personal email to unpaid members, and follow up by a person in their state if contact details available
  • Have all pending membership applications been accepted/decided on? Update on Raj
The committee waives the $10 membership fee for the 2014-2015 period for Raj Patel, due to the delay in processing their application....
  • Moved: Steven
  • Second: Gideon
  • Carried without dissent.

ACTION: Steve to send a welcome letter, membership fees waived for 12 months due to delay in processing.

Correspondence report

  • ALIA workshops email thread
    • question needing clarification or more detail
      • Timing of workshops day/evening or weekend
      • charges for 2nd part workshops

  • Presentation 1: Introduction to Wikipedia - August-September 2014 WMAU to provide speaker/s and content. ALIA to provide venue, publicity

Along the lines of the Merrilee Proffitt session in Melbourne, Marcy 2014:audio available -

    • Melbourne: Pru and Steve
    • Sydney: Gillian White(?)
    • Brisbane: Craig or Kerry(?)
    • Perth: Gideon
    • Adelaide:Adam(?)

Editing workshops;

start with a pilot programme eg in Melbourne or Sydney - then evaluate

ACTION: Pru to communicate with ALIA to move this forward.

Note:Steven was unavailable during part of this discussion Gideon took the chair for that time -- quorum still maintained

Actions items from last meeting

Discussion of action items from Action items page.


  • Welcome letter for Raj - not done but now in the works.
  • Training model and letter expressing disappointment wrt scholarships still outstanding
  • Expense spreadsheet has been sent (see comm list and Gideon's notes for localisation)
  • Business cards- no response from WMF, square cards on agenda for decision this meeting.


  • Project planning- move to public Wiki for further development and discussion


  • ATO/BAS stuff from April - working through this currently.
  • Bounced emails - dealt with in previous meeting.


  • Welcome for Raj.
  • Website contact is ongoing.
  • Bank report is ongoing.
  • Quarterly activities report is ongoing.
  • Project planning ongoing with Gideon.
  • Photo for wiki outstanding.
  • Berln report also


  • All done.


  • Is not in attendance.


  • Training model w/Steve in progress.


AGM discussion on timing proposed dates 17 August thru until early September suggested concern 17th was too soon after Wikimania Gideon unable to provide a report on attending, September getting late suggested either weekend of 23/24 or 30/31 August.

Decision to be made at July committee meeting.

meeting adjourned at 17:59 to enable Gideon to pick Andrew up to attend second part from 19:00
meeting reconvened at 19:03, Andrew now also present in person via Gideons connection

Business cards;

  • resolved to use square cards sourced through Vista Print

Internet Banking token;

  • Bendigo bank requires a committee motion authorising Steve to have internet banking access along with a token
that Steven Zhang is authorised by the Wikimedia Australia committee to have internet banking access, and is authorised to have a token which Wikimedia Australia will pay for
  • Moved: Andrew
  • Seconded: Gideon
  • carried without dissent.

General banking options;

  • discussion about options with Andrew reporting that changes in banking rules leaves Westpac as the standout supplier because they have specific solutions for non-profits and community groups. Ideally committee needs to resolve the banking issues before going to the AGM otherwise it will only be compounded for the incoming committee.

Action Item:Andrew to produce a report on c options with comparison to current

activities reports;

LotteryWest grant applications;

    • Letter of support for Toodyay Shire and Fremantle Society as part of their application for funding from LotteryWest
      • resolution:WMAU resolved to provide letters to the Shire of Toodyay and Fremantle Society for their grant application to Lottery West
      • Action:Gideon to write then forward endorsement letters to Steve for review and signing
    • Application on behalf of WMAU by Gideon for funding further outreach to regional LGA's
      • resolution:Gideon Digby is to make an application for funding on behalf of Wikimedia Australia to LotteryWest, regarding future WikiTown projects in Western Australia.
Gideon Digby is to make an application for funding on behalf of Wikimedia Australia to LotteryWest, regarding future WikiTown projects in Western Australia.
  • Moved: Andrew
  • Seconded: Michael
  • carried without dissent

The meeting was closed at 21:05.

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