Meeting:Public (2012-06-03)

Salient points from WMAU Public Meeting held 03 June 2012

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Topics covered

17:15 uploading photographs; video uploads.

17:21 enwiki dumps to Melbourne.

17:23 recording video of interviews - Wikinews.

17:26 wikinews workshop.

17:51 Bureau of Meterorology data.

18:12 writing a blog post.

Links at

17:08 (WikiWomensCamp)

17:12 (GLAM newsletter)

17:24 Sound recording for Wikinews, Australian Paralympic runners)

17:27 (Gallery43)

17:31 (gov2wiki-by-plotalot)

17:32 (popoutplayer?channel=rewiredstate)

17:41 (Australian women to meet USA in water polo)

17:52 (Video from WikiWomenCamp 2012)

17:55 (www dot bom - copyright)

18:05 (www dot bom - climate)

18:13 (twitter...tobyhudson)


[17:01] <Bidgee|Busy> I've emailed him on his gmail account for stuff from last month
[17:01] * Graham87 ( has joined #wikimedia-au
[17:01] <Graham87> hi all
[17:01] <Bidgee|Busy> Just hope it is good enough for his connection. :P
[17:01] <foks> Hi Graham
[17:02] <frazerwa> hi Graham
[17:02] <JJHarrison> hi
[17:02] <frazerwa> Hi JJ
[17:03] * jayvdb (~jayvdb@wikimedia/Jayvdb) has joined #wikimedia-au
[17:03] <Graham87> hi John
[17:03] <jayvdb> hi
[17:03] <frazerwa> hi John
[17:03] <JJHarrison> Hi
[17:03] <jayvdb> im on The Strand, Townsville
[17:03] <Bidgee|Busy> Hi John, you have mail. ;)
[17:03] <Bidgee|Busy> Getting away from the cold again? :P
[17:03] * jayvdb goes to look at email
[17:04] <Lankiveil> hi John
[17:05] <russavia> bidgee you wanna see a piss funny photo that the subject of the photo actually wants on commons?
[17:05] <jayvdb> np Bidgee. now you have mail
[17:06] <JJHarrison> frazerwa: I am to have drafts of both pelagic reports done by the end of this meeting
[17:06] <Bidgee|Busy> k
[17:06] <Bidgee|Busy> cheers
[17:06] <JJHarrison> *aim
[17:06] <jayvdb> does anyone have anything they want to discuss with the ctte?
[17:08] <LauraHale>
[17:08] <jayvdb> did we remind everyone this meeting is logged?
[17:08] <jayvdb> and the log will be published!
[17:08] <jayvdb> well done Laura
[17:08] * Lankiveil has changed the topic to 'Welcome to the Wikimedia Australia IRC Channel. Next public meeting is on June 3rd at 5PM AEST ( This channel WILL be logged.'
[17:09] <frazerwa> <JJHarrison> You are very efficient as well as creative. I owe you an apology for my terrible tardiness with your last report, which I will rectify.
[17:09] * Bidgee|Busy has changed the topic to 'Welcome to the Wikimedia Australia IRC Channel. Public meeting is in session ( This channel WILL be logged.'
[17:09] <Bidgee|Busy> ;)
[17:10] <Lankiveil> thanks Bidgee :)
[17:12] <russavia> laura, i've been discussiong few things with Kounila
[17:12] <jayvdb> has been published. Thanks Craig for your bit.  I didnt get to add the bits I wanted to
[17:13] <LauraHale> russavia: Awesome.
[17:15] <Bidgee|Busy> When I get free time, I'll be uploading more photographs of the Opals. Video was a no go.
[17:15] <LauraHale> :(
[17:15] * LauraHale has not been working on more DYKs because I want pictures before spending the time on them.
[17:15] <jayvdb> Bidgee|Busy: did you upload the video to
[17:15] <jayvdb> ?
[17:16] <Bidgee|Busy> Will also email Davan (media guy) as we had a talk about some images he maybe willing to license under CC
[17:16] <Bidgee|Busy> I do stress may!
[17:17] <Bidgee|Busy> Nope, connection is unreliable for large uploads (times out). 
[17:17] <jayvdb> you've tried uploading to Internet Archive, and it fails?
[17:18] <Bidgee|Busy> yep
[17:18] <Bidgee|Busy> just hangs
[17:18] <jayvdb> oh :/
[17:18] <Bidgee|Busy> which suggests that it timed out
[17:18] * LauraHale had loads of no fun with large videos from WikiWomenCamp and trying to get onto commons.
[17:18] <jayvdb> Bidgee, how big is it?
[17:18] * Bidgee|Busy thinks he may need to visit AIS or UC to use the fibre connection to upload them
[17:19] <Bidgee|Busy> a few gig
[17:19] <Bidgee|Busy> full HD
[17:19] <jayvdb> might be better to upload to, then upload from there
[17:20] <jayvdb> another option is to ship the HD to someone who has a better connection
[17:21] <Bidgee|Busy> It would be fine if the Upload Wizard would do what it said it would do for large uploads
[17:21] <jayvdb> btw, on the topic of shipping data around, peter-} is going to be sending the enwiki dumps to Melb
[17:21] <JJHarrison> I use Commonist for bigger sets
[17:21] <JJHarrison> rather than the upload wizard.
[17:21] <JJHarrison> Actually, I use it for everything.
[17:22] <Bidgee|Busy> No, for large video
[17:22] <jayvdb> Bidgee|Busy: the Commons upload software is still flacky
[17:22] <JJHarrison> Oh ok
[17:22] <jayvdb> for large uploads
[17:22] <JJHarrison> I've got stuff above the 100mb file limit I wouldn't mind upping at some point
[17:22] <JJHarrison> particularly some orange bellied parrot videos.
[17:23] <jayvdb> JJHarrison: if you can upload it to Internet Archive, the techies can import the ogg from there
[17:23] <Bidgee|Busy> <-- four vid of the press con was fun trying to low it
[17:23] <JJHarrison> jayvdb: I'll look into it thanks
[17:23] <Bidgee|Busy> I'm off to get dinner, Back later and no doubt after the meeting
[17:23] <JJHarrison> I think that recording video of interviews and at press conferences is a great idea
[17:23] * Bidgee|Busy is now known as Bidgee|Away
[17:24] <JJHarrison> makes it much much easier to verify or write for wikinews vs handwritten notes
[17:24] <JJHarrison> especially if you were not there.
[17:24] <Bidgee|Away> That is what I end up doing with the Atheltics
[17:24] <Bidgee|Away>
[17:24] <JJHarrison> All of the handwritten note wikinews articles that I had any part in looking at had verifiability problems, but the opals one with the recorded video was smooth sailing.
[17:25] <LauraHale> Media guide stuff makes things eaiser.
[17:25] <jayvdb> JJHarrison: has anyone started looking at importing those CC photos?
[17:25] <LauraHale> Hand written notes are preferable with wikinews to typed notes.  Watched a major splooge with that earlier.
[17:26] <JJHarrison> jayvdb: I'll do it myself after exams in a few weeks if we don't find anyone. Still waiting on the OTRS ticket number anyway.
[17:26] <LauraHale> We need more credentialed reporters or even people with one or three articles under their belts.
[17:26] <jayvdb> ah
[17:26] <jayvdb> do we want to organise another wikinews workshop?
[17:27] <LauraHale> It might be a good idea.
[17:27] <LauraHale> If we give Wikinews people a bit bigger of a lead, that would be good.
[17:27] <jayvdb> when?
[17:27] <Bidgee|Away> Will be talking to TAFE this week, Got the Archibald winner visiting
[17:27] <LauraHale> Not for another two weeks?
[17:27] <Bidgee|Away>
[17:27] <Bidgee|Away> *gone*
[17:28] <jayvdb> JJHarrison: when suits you & co?
[17:28] * LauraHale is checking a schedule
[17:28] <LauraHale> jayvdb: Next week is queen's birthday?
[17:29] <JJHarrison> Wednesday June 27 I think is my last exam date
[17:29] <Bidgee|Away> No, June 11th\
[17:29] <russavia> speaking of queens birthday, are we going to issue a release pledging allegiance to the queen?
[17:29] <LauraHale> Hawkeye7 says no St. Kilda games in Melbourne any time soon. ;)
[17:30] * u99of9 (~chatzilla@ has joined #wikimedia-au
[17:30] <Lankiveil> @russavia: haha
[17:31] <Lankiveil> I think you'll find that constitutional monarchism is not a very common viewpoint in our members :p
[17:31] <russavia> ok, so we are on the record as down with queeny? ok good to know :)
[17:31] <u99of9> hey all, I did go to govhack in the end:
[17:31] <LauraHale> jayvdb: The Opals are in Melbourne around 24-28th of June.
[17:32] <jayvdb> u99of9: in syd or canberra ?
[17:32] <u99of9> in syd
[17:32] <LauraHale> We can try to get a press pass or two to that.  Have workshop there.
[17:32] <u99of9> they're streaming the canberra presentations now
[17:32] <u99of9> we've done ours in Syd
[17:34] <u99of9> what's the topic here? sorry I came in late.
[17:35] <LauraHale> No idea. :)
[17:37] <jayvdb> u99of9: we were discussing another wikinews workshop
[17:38] <u99of9> Quote of the day "The average Australian believes there's no problem making a solar train between Canberra and Sydney... it's only the engineers who don't"
[17:38] <u99of9> (and then he goes on assuming that the average Australian is correct)  :-)
[17:39] <Lankiveil> well
[17:39] <Lankiveil> if the majority believe it can be done, then it can.  This IS a democracy isn't it?
[17:39] <jayvdb> it needs to be fairly soon in order to be useful for W2G participants
[17:39] <Lankiveil> also, a majority believe it's possible to increase spending AND decrease spending without going broke.  Vote 1 Tony Abbott!
[17:40] <JJHarrison> The few weeks after 27th of June are definitely the best time for me to do anything. 
[17:40] <LauraHale> OR or synth?
[17:40] <JJHarrison> (and Irena, also)
[17:40] <jayvdb> JJHarrison: W2G finishes 30 June
[17:40] * LauraHale has some examples if Irena wants to try from scratch over night
[17:40] <JJHarrison> Ouch. 
[17:40] <LauraHale> I've done three in a series.
[17:40] <JJHarrison> She might finish a week or two before me.
[17:41] <JJHarrison> I'll ask her.
[17:41] <LauraHale> so the fourth should be pretty easy to do from sources.
[17:41] <LauraHale> Women's water polo
[17:41] <LauraHale>
[17:41] <JJHarrison> (later, she isn't here)
[17:41] * LauraHale will be writing up imminent gold medal victory for her team tomorrow morning
[17:44] <JJHarrison> LauraHale: I did help Tim get that article done.
[17:45] <LauraHale> JJHarrison: Thank you for that.
[17:45] <LauraHale> Sorry about the cranky e-mails. :(
[17:45] * LauraHale appreciates the assistance.
[17:45] <LauraHale> Lost an athletics article because it missed the timeliness deadline. :(
[17:47] <JJHarrison> That's sad. I did have a look at that, but really couldn't do anything about it.
[17:48] * LauraHale shrugs
[17:48] <LauraHale> In any case, the problem with going to these things is we go as a media organisation...
[17:48] <LauraHale> ... which means fast becomes a priority.  We need the wikinews article up in a day or two, need pictures up in a day or two.
[17:48] <jayvdb> u99of9: any useful thoughts from govcamp?
[17:49] <LauraHale> If we're doing Wikipedia as a component, we need to have results in a day or two.
[17:50] <JJHarrison> LauraHale: Videos or audio recordings of interviews make it much easier for people not present to help write things, so make sure someone is always recording at any similar thing in the future.
[17:50] <LauraHale> Totally true.
[17:50] * LauraHale had the problem that she was on an airplane at 6am on Saturday and couldn't get much done. : /
[17:51] <u99of9> a few people are making databases or APIs to query Bureau of Meteorology data more easily, but it's not CC-licensed
[17:51] <JJHarrison> What about "budgeting" an editing day into similar things too?
[17:51] <jayvdb> unfortunately uploading the videos didnt go to plan.
[17:51] <JJHarrison> Which videos?
[17:51] <LauraHale> Lessons learned from this to move forward.
[17:51] <JJHarrison> They can always go on youtube or something under CC initially, so long as we can look at them.
[17:52] * LauraHale spent a day uploading crap video.
[17:52] <LauraHale> the issue wasn't commons but my own upload speed
[17:52] <LauraHale> I spent the better part of 2 days at UC uploading
[17:53] <jayvdb> BOM data isnt PD ?
[17:53] <jayvdb> the facts and figures from sensors should be PD
[17:53] <JJHarrison> Wow
[17:54] <JJHarrison> that is a lot of video
[17:54] * LauraHale has about 2 times as much.
[17:54] <LauraHale> But there was video in self defense lest people ask why no men were there.
[17:55] <jayvdb> the video was very useful
[17:55] <Graham87> @jayvdb apparently some of the BOM's content is licensed as CC-by:
[17:55] <jayvdb> thanks Laura.  it makes the cost of sending people worthwhile as others who didnt attend can still gain from the event
[17:55] <Graham87> but I can't ever remember finding an indication of that until now
[17:55] <Graham87> and I'm a weather freak :-)
[17:55] <u99of9> Graham87 most of the good datasets are not tagged CC
[17:56] <Graham87> ah
[17:56] <LauraHale> Can't get everything out of it as the videos are often short but the sound and video make it there.
[17:57] <JJHarrison> I can't even get close to streaming that video
[17:57] <JJHarrison> :(
[17:58] <jayvdb> u99of9: can you link us to one of these non-free datasets that they used ?
[17:59] * LauraHale has a lot of Australian Foursquare data. :D
[17:59] <jayvdb> and a mashup which used it
[18:00] <Graham87> I know that and use BOM data extensively
[18:01] <LauraHale> Lots and lots of things use BOM data
[18:01] <LauraHale> It used to be in ##australia , the weather was imported to the IRC room from BOM
[18:03] <LauraHale> JJHarrison: If Irena watches MasterChef, easy type of news story to do would be to watch an episode, then go interview two or three people after the episode and ask them if they made the recipe, if they shopped at Coles or elsewhere.  Lead paragraph something like "On last night's MasterChef Australia so and so was eliminated while contestants made pies."
[18:03] <JJHarrison> I will pass that on to her.
[18:03] <JJHarrison> I don't think she will be doing much for a week or two - it is exam time. 
[18:03] * LauraHale hums
[18:03] * LauraHale nod nods
[18:04] <JJHarrison> She has added quite a bit to Ellie Cole
[18:04] <JJHarrison> but it still needs work for GA.
[18:04] <JJHarrison> She also sent  Matt Bugg an email interview
[18:04] <JJHarrison> a Tasmanian Paralympian
[18:05] <JJHarrison> after getting contact details via the yacht club
[18:05] <jayvdb> great
[18:05] <JJHarrison> But he may not respond until his return from commons
[18:05] <JJHarrison> she may do a face to face interview then too.
[18:05] <u99of9>
[18:06] <LauraHale> ah
[18:07] <jayvdb> u99of9: the creative element is 'selection of stations to include in dataset' ?
[18:10] <jayvdb> maybe we should petition the BOM to state that it is PD or CC-BY
[18:10] <jayvdb> very odd that they allowed non-free data to be used to the govcamp
[18:11] <u99of9> jayvdb yes, I'm not going to use it unless they state it
[18:12] <jayvdb> are you interested in writing a blog post, or similar, about it?
[18:13] <u99of9>!/search/%40tobyhudson ... I specifically asked @ClimateClinton, the BoM mentor, and he said no
[18:13] <u99of9> actually he said "not yet" ... so hopefully it's in process
[18:13] <u99of9> I guess what they're struggling with is that they sell data from custom queries
[18:15] <u99of9> (click on the "Charges" tab)
[18:15] <jayvdb> hmm.  maybe we should find out how much they receive in funding from this revenue source
[18:15] <jayvdb> FOI request if nothing else works
[18:15] <u99of9> hehe, sounds good
[18:16] * bianca ( has joined #wikimedia-au
[18:16] <jayvdb> 'BOM struggling with Open, which comes at a price'
[18:18] <jayvdb> k. im going to head off.  can someone remember to post the log on the public wiki after the meeting
[18:18] <jayvdb> nite all
[18:19] <u99of9> i'll sign off too
[18:19] * u99of9 has quit IRC (Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 12.0/20120420145725])
[18:19] <Graham87> me three
[18:19] * Graham87 ( has left #wikimedia-au (No reason)
[18:20] * jayvdb has quit IRC (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:21] <LauraHale> whoops.
[18:22] <LauraHale> Anyway, turn off the logging announcement.
[18:22] <LauraHale> Meeting ended. :P
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