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[15:00] Topic for #wikimedia-au: #wikimedia-au Welcome to the Wikimedia Australia IRC Channel. Public meeting is today, 2nd December at 4PM AEDST.  A log of the public meetings are published on the Wikimedia Australia website
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[15:06] <Steven_Zhang> crap
[15:06] Topic changed to: #wikimedia-au Welcome to the Wikimedia Australia IRC Channel. Public meeting is today, 2nd December at 5PM AEDST.  A log of the public meetings are published on the Wikimedia Australia website by Steven_Zhang
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[15:50] <jayvdb> hi anderswennersten
[15:50] <anderswennersten> hi
[15:50] <jayvdb> nice to see you here ;-)
[15:50] <jayvdb> meeting starting in 10 mins
[15:51] <Steven_Zhang> Dropped a note in #wikimedia
[15:51] <jayvdb> ah
[15:52] <anderswennersten> I am very glad your AGM went well and that you now have a new Board, ready to do wonders
[15:53] <jeremyb> 01 19:55:49 < Steven_Zhang> jayvdb: I'm about to send out an email about the public IRC meeting - am I still chairing the  discussion>
[15:53] <jeremyb> 01 23:11:33 < jayvdb> Steven who is not here: yes
[15:53] <jayvdb> thanks jeremyb ;-)
[15:53] <Steven_Zhang> yeah my laptop went flat.
[15:53] <Steven_Zhang> ;) thanks
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[15:54] <jeremyb> so the sun never sets on the british empire, huh? must make it really hard to set an IRC meeting time
[15:55] <jayvdb> who is Guest202 ?
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[15:55] <jayvdb> im guessing Guest202 is privatemusings :P
[15:55] <Steven_Zhang> Heh.
[15:56] <jeremyb> do you guys have a structured meeting with an agenda?
[15:56] <Steven_Zhang> Nah, not really.
[15:57] <jeremyb> i was wondering if you wanted to give meetbot a try
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[15:58] <Steven_Zhang> hmm, what does wm2012-meetbot do?
[15:58] <jeremyb>
[15:58] <jeremyb> produces stuff like that
[15:58] <jeremyb> you can set topics for certain sections when your focusing on specific things
[15:59] <jeremyb> and action items for things people have been assigned to do
[15:59] <jeremyb> record results of decisions that were made. etc.
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[16:00] <Graham87> hi all
[16:00] <jeremyb> anyway, whatever you like ;)
[16:00] <jeremyb> hi Graham87
[16:00] <Graham87> could somebody change the topic from "A log of the public meetings are ..." to "A log of the public meetings is ..."?
[16:00] <jeremyb> Logs of public meetings are... ?
[16:01] <Graham87> yeah, that'd work too :-)
[16:01] <jeremyb> 02 06:01:34 -!- mode/#wikimedia-au [+ns]
[16:01] <jeremyb> go ahead and change it ;)
[16:02] <Steven_Zhang> Hi all.
[16:03] <Graham87> /topic #wikimedia-au Welcome to the Wikimedia Australia IRC Channel. Public meeting is today, 2nd December at 5PM AEDST. A log of the public meetings are
[16:03] <Graham87> published on the Wikimedia Australia website
[16:03] <Lankiveil> hehe
[16:03] <jeremyb> try again ;)
[16:03] <Graham87> oh that went through?
[16:04] <Steven_Zhang> fail :P
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[16:04] <Graham87> how do you change it?
[16:04] <Graham87> :-)
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[16:05] Topic changed to: Welcome to the Wikimedia Australia IRC Channel. Public meeting is today, 2nd December at 5PM AEDST. Logs of the public meetings are published on the Wikimedia Australia website. by Graham87
[16:05] <Graham87> yay!
[16:06] <Steven_Zhang> just finishing up on gchat :)
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[16:07] <Steven_Zhang> Alrighty.
[16:07] <Lankiveil> whee
[16:08] <Steven_Zhang> We're all set
[16:09] <jeremyb> \o/
[16:10] <Steven_Zhang> OK, who's present?
[16:10] <Lankiveil> Craig
[16:10] <Lankiveil> :)
[16:10] <Steven_Zhang> Steve
[16:10] <Graham87> here
[16:10] <Graham87> Graham, obviously
[16:10] <chuqtas> charles here, sporadically!
[16:10] <eBilby> Adam
[16:11] <Lankiveil> hi Adam :)
[16:12] <Lankiveil> anyone else?
[16:12] Part: wm2012-meetbot [] ["jeremyb"]
[16:13] <Steven_Zhang> Nope?
[16:13] <Steven_Zhang> :/
[16:13] <jeremyb> jayvdb maybe?
[16:13] * Steven_Zhang sent out emails to four mailing lists…
[16:13] <jayvdb> im here
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[16:14] <Steven_Zhang> Hi Kerry.
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[16:14] <Graham87> hi Tony
[16:14] <TOny1> Hi Graham
[16:15] * TOny1 is now known as Tony1
[16:15] <Steven_Zhang> Well, there's no formal agenda.
[16:15] <Steven_Zhang> :)
[16:15] <Steven_Zhang> Anyone have any items to discuss?
[16:16] <Steven_Zhang> John?
[16:18] <Tony1> Why don't we talk about preps for Wiki Loves Monuments?
[16:18] <Steven_Zhang> Sure.
[16:18] <Tony1> anyone have contacts in other chapters that did the logistics for last October? Seems like it's not easy (but well worth doing)
[16:20] <chuqtas> the presentation as given at Wikimania is here -
[16:21] <chuqtas> argh
[16:22] <chuqtas> no, that's not it.. but its useful anyway ;)
[16:22] <KerryR> Hard work to list the monuments, easier to just point to federal, state and local heritage registers
[16:23] <KerryR> Eg queenslands
[16:23] <Tony1> Kerry, are they all online? I wonder whether it's possible to run WML in Australia just with a collection of heritage lists ... Trying to find out now whether the lists have to be officially registered with the WLM people
[16:23] <u99of9> hi.  Here but cooking.
[16:24] * jeremyb did some of it for DC. mostly just e.g. settting up varnish and making sure the box stayed up
[16:25] <KerryR> Not sureif all are online but reduces workload if we don't have to duplicate the online ones
[16:25] <Tony1> indeed
[16:25] <Steven_Zhang> my presentation is still not online >_<
[16:25] <KerryR> Maybe for the offline ones we propose a joint project to get them online!
[16:26] <u99of9> How did Freeopedia go?
[16:26] <Steven_Zhang> Madeline is on TV :P
[16:26] Quit: KerryR [Quit: Page closed]
[16:26] <Steven_Zhang> I was obsessed with this movie when I was, like, eight
[16:27] <Tony1> I felt odd since everyone I knew raved about that film; but it left me underwhelmed
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[16:28] <u99of9> How about a combination incentive/QRcode proposal?  Anyone who writes an Australian object/place GA/FA gets a standardized QRpedia plaque sent to them?  Could WMAU fund and organize that?
[16:29] <KerryR> Only appealing to a small set already inside the tent, not a means to recruit new folk
[16:29] <Tony1> the QRcode is a great proposal
[16:29] <KerryR> New folk needed low bar
[16:30] <Tony1> Kerry, new folk in the QR towns?
[16:31] <chuqtas> I don't know about the logistics but I imagine it would be better to get the QRcode plaques distributed in bulk?
[16:31] <chuqtas> perhaps do it for all existing Aus FA/GA's?
[16:31] <Tony1> is there a formal trademark agreement with the WMF?
[16:31] <Tony1> for the plaques?
[16:32] <chuqtas> I remember that being discussed, I'll have to look it up
[16:32] <chuqtas> any Freopedia people here, btw?
[16:32] <KerryR> New folk unlikely to achieve GA/FA
[16:32] <Tony1> the foundation signed a deal for Gibralar, and I presume for Monmouth; but there are many locations, I've heard, that are using the logo on plaques without legal permission. It's a bit of a mess
[16:33] <KerryR> Fine to dish out QRs for GA/FA, just not an incentive for recruiting new editors which I think is the goal of WLM
[16:37] <u99of9> Kerry it's a proposal for those within the tent - to encourage quality Australian content
[16:38] <Lankiveil> (sorry I was away, children!)
[16:38] <eBilby> It would be more valuable to aim at a wider audience.
[16:38] <u99of9> yes chuqtas I think a bulk lot for existing articles could be good too
[16:38] <KerryR> Ah ...
[16:39] <Tony1> "a bulk lot" ... 99, sorry to be thick, don't understand
[16:39] <u99of9> Tony1 chuqtas was suggesting sending out a couple of hundred to the existing GA/FAs
[16:40] <u99of9> if I read him right
[16:40] <Graham87> where appropriate, I guess ... where would the one for Cyclone Orson go?
[16:40] <u99of9> the writer could choose not to place one :)
[16:41] <Tony1> I'm confused. Are we talking about WMM or doing what Monmouth did with plaques?
[16:41] <Tony1> sry, WLM
[16:41] <jayvdb> btw, this channel is publicly logged during this meeting
[16:41] <u99of9> no, not WLM
[16:41] <u99of9> this is just  a random suggestion of mine, inspired by Freopedia
[16:41] <Tony1> May I go ahead and create a page on the WMAU site for WLM 2013?
[16:42] <chuqtas> i think conversation gradually flowed away from WLM towards QRcode plaque stuff  :)
[16:42] <u99of9> similar to Monmouth, but only for GA/FA... as an incentive to write well
[16:42] <chuqtas> go for it Tony!
[16:42] <jayvdb> Tony1.  yes. but it needs to be a proposal page
[16:42] <jayvdb> i.e. Proposal:WLM 2013
[16:42] <Tony1> ok, can I call it ... um ... ah, good. Doing now
[16:42] <jayvdb> some chapters give out prices
[16:42] <jayvdb> with a committee choosing who wins
[16:43] <KerryR> Have some prizes for quality, some just for participating (lucky draw)
[16:43] <chuqtas> A lot of country winners have recently been put on the wikimedia blog -
[16:44] <jayvdb> if we want to do QR codes, WMF doesnt allow their trademarks on QR codes without an agreement, and they are refusing to sign agreements at the moment due to Gibraltarpedia.  Freopedia was signed before the ban
[16:44] <KerryR> Surely that will be resolved  over time
[16:45] <u99of9> The advantage of QR as a prize is that it's a prize that keeps on giving - alerting passers by to our best content
[16:45] <Tony1> A lot of time, I'd say, unless a chapter pushes it with WMF legals
[16:45] <Lankiveil> have a prize for "best new contributor" or something to maximise the outreach potential
[16:46] <u99of9> If we presented a good plan to the WMF, the pressure would be on them to approve.
[16:46] <Tony1> Lankiveil, you mean for images or videos or sound files (or all three)?
[16:46] <jayvdb> We can ask, but we'd need to be prepared for 'no'.  A QR code is possible without WMF trademarks
[16:46] <Lankiveil> all three maybe?  I'm just thinking aloud.
[16:46] Join: russavia [wikimedia/Russavia]
[16:46] <Lankiveil> there might be a good reason that's a dumb idea ;)
[16:46] <Lankiveil> hiya Russavia
[16:47] <russavia> hi peeps
[16:48] <russavia> WMF doesn't allow their trademarks on QRcodes? why's that?
[16:49] <Lankiveil> Gibraltarpedia, basically
[16:49] <u99of9> surely the prob with Gibraltar wasn't the QR codes?
[16:49] <Steven_Zhang> Hmm
[16:50] <KerryR> Probably just have to wait until WMF put some more governance around the whole thing and then we would be good to go
[16:50] <russavia> so long as it doesn't imply endorsement by WP, I couldn't really see a problem?
[16:51] <Lankiveil> sorry guys, the kids are playing up and I need to go
[16:51] <Lankiveil> thanks for the meeting
[16:52] <russavia> wlm i might be able to help a little with
[16:52] <jayvdb> there are several issues regarding QRpedia.  One is that QRpedia doesnt comply with the WMF policy on data privacy
[16:52] <Tony1> I've started a Proposal: WLM page at the chapter site. Please tweak/edit if you wish ... structurally, too
[16:52] <Tony1>
[16:53] <jayvdb> the ownership of QRpedia is also unresolved.  It was going to be handed to WMUK, but that is taking a very long time to transfer. No sure why.
[16:53] Join: Chriswaterguy [AU IP]
[16:54] <Chriswaterguy> Just saw the notice about the meeting
[16:54] <russavia> i would probably be able to help with lists and stuff....anything more involved i'm not sure i would commit too
[16:55] * Chriswaterguy needs to check his calendar more carefull
[16:55] * Chriswaterguy y
[16:55] <jayvdb> can someone second the proposal ?
[16:55] <Steven_Zhang> I think it needs to have a bit more substance first.
[16:56] <russavia> done
[16:56] <jayvdb> ta
[16:57] <Steven_Zhang> Can somoene take over chairing the meeting? I have to run - something'
[16:57] <Steven_Zhang> has just come up.
[16:57] <russavia> i can probably get beria, odder, lvova and rave to help us with some of the prep, seeing as its first time
[16:58] * Steven_Zhang is now known as SteveAway
[16:59] <russavia> i already have the WA list -- -- but it's currently deleted
[17:00] <Graham87> I'll stand in as chair
[17:01] <Graham87> to summarise, we've talked about WLM, QR: does anyone have any further topics to raise today?
[17:02] <jayvdb> russavia: why is it deleted?
[17:02] <Tony1> What do people think about having some kind of membership drive in 2013?
[17:02] <SteveAway> I think it's a good idea.
[17:03] <SteveAway> Tie it in with the idea of meetups.
[17:03] <Tony1> I think we could set an aim for 100 members by the end of the year, of whom, say, 40 are active
[17:03] <Tony1> but it's up to the board, of course
[17:03] <jayvdb> currently, new members who join today are only members until June 30
[17:03] Quit: u99of9 [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]
[17:04] <Tony1> Not sure how you'd define "active", though
[17:04] <russavia> because i requested it deleted
[17:04] <Tony1> that's why shifting activity to the WMAU site would be good
[17:04] <jayvdb> in previous years we have allowed members who join after a certain date (April 1?) to be members for 15 months
[17:04] Join: u99of9 [wikimedia/U99of9]
[17:05] <Tony1> I think a lot of our activities could have a component of attracting new members in their "goals"
[17:05] <KerryR> Good to have more members
[17:05] <jayvdb> RecentChangesCamp usually brings in 3 or 4 new members
[17:06] <SteveAway> we need to focus on more engaged members.
[17:06] <Tony1> yes
[17:06] <jayvdb> other events have had similar outcomes
[17:06] <Tony1> we need 50 new members
[17:06] <Tony1> not three or four
[17:06] <jayvdb> nod.
[17:06] <jayvdb> ideas?
[17:07] <Tony1> and I DO wish we could register ourselves on the site (by personal option, of COURSE), giving just basic details like city/region and interests
[17:07] <jayvdb> Tony1: you can do that now on your wmau user page.
[17:08] <KerryR> Have a standing commitment to pay $x per head towards local events organized by members to attract new folk
[17:08] <jayvdb> we could add location/interest categories.. ?
[17:08] <Tony1> and either a WP user name or real name, whatever a member were comfortable with. If it's all optional (and what details are provided are also up to a member), I can't see complaints about privacy
[17:08] <KerryR> Let local folk figure out what would attract other flaking their area
[17:08] <jayvdb> Steve's meetings proposal would help. We need to discuss budget for that.
[17:09] <KerryR> Yes, along those lines
[17:09] <Tony1> John, I mean a table of member info in ONE location. Otherwise, how would anyone find it?
[17:09] Quit: KerryR [Quit: Page closed]
[17:10] <jayvdb> we could put a table on the category page ?
[17:10] <jayvdb> or a mainspace page. *shrug*
[17:10] <Tony1> seems clunky; why not a members' info page?
[17:11] <SteveAway> Budget for a meeting
[17:11] <Tony1> it's all a bit impersonal at the moment; and getting members to engage needs a stronger online social element. Heck, we have that in spades on en.WP
[17:12] Join: KerryR [gateway/web/freenode/ip. AU IP]
[17:12] <SteveAway> I like the idea of having the wiki more active
[17:12] <jayvdb> do you want a page named something like with details for anyone who wishes to publicly disclose their info ?
[17:12] <Tony1> ooh, sounds good
[17:12] <russavia> is on fb, etc?
[17:13] <jayvdb> chuqtas: ?  (Charles is our FB manager)
[17:13] <Tony1> Any way of putting the members' register on the side-bar as a link (um ... along with the "Billabong"?)
[17:13] <chuqtas> yep
[17:13] <jayvdb> we have a FB 'group' and some FB pages, but they are not used
[17:14] <Tony1> I see FB as coming after we get the site running more functionally
[17:14] <chuqtas> mentioned it casually in my secretaries report... was going to do an official email once all the post-AGM admin stuff had settled down
[17:14] <russavia> the "Billabong"? Don't tell me this is like the "village pump"? where's the jumping kangaroos on the front page? ;)
[17:14] <Tony1> it is the VP ... I don't mind the name!
[17:14] <jayvdb>
[17:14] <chuqtas> For anyone interested -  and
[17:14] <jayvdb> I like it
[17:14] <Tony1> but how would a new member know how to find it, without a sidebar link?
[17:15] <jayvdb> the Billabong is on the sidebar under "Discussion place"
[17:15] <russavia> i don't know how well FB works....i know there is, eg, one for maltese wp, and it gets a fair bit of activity, but translating it into editing isn't a success i would say from what i've seen
[17:15] <Chriswaterguy> Categories for user pages might be easier to maintain than a separate  page
[17:16] <Tony1> but not as cohesive
[17:16] <Tony1> how, for example, could one search for user pages on the WMAU site?
[17:16] <Tony1> I'm thinking in terms of new members ... the ones we'd like to attract
[17:17] <lankiveilmob> We should put it in an info sheet for new members.
[17:17] <KerryR> What's our value proposition for joining?
[17:18] <Tony1> good question
[17:18] Join: Bduke [AU IP]
[17:19] <KerryR> Not sure getting to read the WMAU private list is a killer value proposition, more events and meetups I think (as Steve proposes)
[17:19] <jayvdb> the benefits are currently a) members mailing list, b) editing rights on the wiki, c) right to move/second [[proposals]] and d) voting rights at AGM
[17:19] <Tony1> I'm hopeless with tables, but I've gone ahead and created a members register. It can be deleted if people decide they don't like it. And I've not put anything there yet
[17:19] <chuqtas> at the moment it is "drive the direction of the chapter"
[17:19] <chuqtas> which is good if you are already part of the australian wikipedian community
[17:20] <chuqtas> or rather, the union of "part of the australian wikipedian community" and "interested in real life events"
[17:20] <KerryR> Hmm, I'd push for "meet people who share your passion for WP"
[17:20] <jayvdb> most activities we do are open for the public
[17:20] <chuqtas> a lot of people are not one or the other for various reasons
[17:20] <Tony1> I believe that until we have a part-time employee, someone should be in charge of new members, and someone should be in charge of developing the site
[17:21] <jayvdb> our 'small grants' system is available to non-members
[17:21] <Tony1> don't all speak at once
[17:21] <chuqtas> heh
[17:21] <jayvdb> we need a proposal first Tony :P
[17:22] <KerryR> Wmau is very light on "induction" but not sure what to propose to address that. orgs with physical premises do the "walk-around" for new members . What is the e-equivalent?
[17:22] <chuqtas> part of what i am doing as secretary is a more useful "welcome" to new members (although i am talking about the ones who have already joined)
[17:23] <chuqtas> KerryR: sounds like we are talking about the same thing!
[17:24] <KerryR> I guess having a flyer to hand out at events and put up on notice boards (glams, universities, wherever)  - may be ask each member to try to put up 10 in likely places
[17:24] <Tony1> proposal for what, Jayvdb?
[17:25] Quit: Lankiveil [Ping timeout: 245 seconds]
[17:25] <Tony1> Kerry, do you see any particular target groups, demographically and thematically, for new members?
[17:26] <KerryR> Large events are good - maybe try t sign up librarians at ALIA?
[17:26] <Tony1> sounds good
[17:26] <Tony1> but you're right, we do need to get together a written statement on what membership really means
[17:26] <KerryR> I think get members to distribute in their own local settings whatever they may be
[17:26] <u99of9> Steve's meetup proposal was too regimented IMO
[17:27] <Tony1> I can see that amateur (even professional) photographers could be attracted into the chapter
[17:27] <u99of9> I prefer Kerry's model
[17:27] <KerryR> "love editing WP -- take it to the next level", "level up wit WMAU"
[17:27] <Tony1> editing WP, sure; and possibly uploading pics to commons?
[17:28] <KerryR> Why I say have a standing offer of $x per head to support local events, let folks experiment in their own settings
[17:29] <Chriswaterguy> Tony1: re user pages, it's possible to search user pages but it's very clunky. If we wanted to make it easier, the InputBox extension  would allow a customized search box.  (Assuming that's what we wanted to do.)
[17:29] <KerryR> Organising events is easier if you have a little "tea and biscuit" or
[17:29] <KerryR> Money
[17:29] <Tony1> high-quality pastries
[17:30] <KerryR> Espresso and pastry money for your events Tony!
[17:30] <KerryR> I'll do the champagne and caviar events :-)
[17:31] <KerryR> Have a standard slide pack and go and give talks wherever you can ...
[17:33] <KerryR> Having a member list so of know who else is in your local area to approach to help organse would, be good
[17:33] Part: russavia [~russavia@wikimedia/Russavia]
[17:33] <KerryR> Tony's table is helpful for this
[17:34] <Tony1> Are people on board with a trial table, then? May I create it for consideration?
[17:34] <KerryR> Sounds good to me
[17:35] <Graham87> aye
[17:36] <jayvdb> could you build it in userspace?
[17:36] <Tony1> on a subpage of my userpage, you mean?
[17:37] <jayvdb> yes
[17:37] <Tony1> sure
[17:37] <Tony1> if people promise to take a look and give feedback!
[17:38] <jayvdb> I dont like mainspace being a dumping grounds of half finished ideas that someone else needs to maintain
[17:38] <KerryR> Send us the URL when you are done
[17:38] <jayvdb> not that you would do that
[17:38] <jayvdb> but it happens
[17:38] <jayvdb> a lot
[17:38] <jayvdb> id like some feedbck on
[17:39] <jayvdb> sorry. i mean
[17:39] <KerryR> Err, it's a great title
[17:39] <Tony1> why don't you create the page so people can discuss it on the *talk* page, then?
[17:39] <jayvdb> there are comments on the talk page
[17:39] <Tony1> we urgently need some infrastructure building on that site
[17:39] <jayvdb> yup.
[17:40] <Tony1> I must have the wrong link
[17:40] <jayvdb> more help pages too
[17:40] <Graham87> the second one works
[17:40] <Tony1> thx
[17:40] <chuqtas> [18:38] <jayvdb> id like some feedbck on [18:39] <jayvdb> sorry. i mean
[17:40] <chuqtas> did anyone else laugh a bit? :)
[17:41] <Graham87> hehe
[17:41] <Tony1> What's the policy on creating mainspace pages, then?
[17:41] <Graham87> how about an equivalent of deletion by user request on enwiki?
[17:42] <jayvdb> the only policy on mainspace is
[17:42] <Tony1> how on earth does one know that these pages exist (another barrier to member engagement)?
[17:43] <Tony1> I'd love a list of links somewhere accessible
[17:43] <jayvdb> which has been proven to not be very effective for statements regarding fast moving issues - the mandatory seven day window for comment means events overrun us - we ignored that for the Dictionary of Sydney statement
[17:43] <Tony1> otherwise it's the walled castle that Meta is
[17:43] <KerryR> If new ideas are hidden on user pages, nobody will stumble on them, better to do all off the proposals page. Just give committee the right to delete old inactive ones to keep it from junking up.
[17:44] <KerryR> Eg proposals 30 days old with a seconded
[17:44] <KerryR> Without a seconder, I meant
[17:45] <Tony1> so ... um ... should I link to my userspace proposed membership table at [[Proposals]], then?
[17:45] <jayvdb> Tony1: yup
[17:48] Quit: Tanvir [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[17:53] <KerryR> Bye
[17:53] <jayvdb> with 10 mins remaining, any comments about suspending the private mailing list ?
[17:53] Quit: KerryR [Quit: Page closed]
[17:54] <jayvdb>
[17:56] <SteveAway> hmm
[17:57] <Tony1> at the very least, encourage posting on the WMAU site
[17:58] <Tony1> Posts should normally be made at the Billabong, I think
[18:04] <Tony1>
[18:05] Join: Tanvir [wikimedia/wikitanvir]
[18:08] Quit: eBilby [Quit: Colloquy for iPad -]
[18:08] <u99of9> I suggest don't suspend it
[18:08] <u99of9> Just use the public one more
[18:09] <Tony1> needs an email to list subscribers coaxing them onto the site
[18:10] Part: Bduke ["I'm not here right now."]
[18:11] Quit: Tony1 [Quit: Page closed]
[18:15] Part: Graham87
[18:28] <Chriswaterguy> Meeting over?
[18:29] <Chriswaterguy> I have an off-topic question about the WMF grants program
[18:29] * Chriswaterguy is assuming the meeting is over
[18:30] <jayvdb> can someone with a complete log remove the IP addresses and post it at
[18:34] <Chriswaterguy> I'm wondering under what circumstances the WMF would consider a grant to a wiki project outside the WMF family. Who would be good to ask about that?
[18:39] <jayvdb> other grants to non-WMF chapters can be found here
[18:39] <jayvdb> they have done it a few times
[18:48] <Chriswaterguy> Right - just double-checking, but I think they're all either WM chapters, or the project is directly Wikimedia-related grants, or a conference - except for a CC project.
[18:48] <Chriswaterguy> doesn't look like other wikis have been asking for funding.
[18:48] <Chriswaterguy> outside the WMF family, that is.
[18:49] <p858snake|l> jayvdb: i would have the full log
[18:53] Part: legoktm [~legoktm@wikipedia/Legoktm] ["["goodbye."]"]
[18:56] Quit: p858snake|l [Read error: Connection reset by peer]