Meeting:Public (2014-03-02)

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[2014-03-02 12:52:10] <gnangarra> HI 
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[2014-03-02 12:59:02] <jayvdb> hi bb in 10
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[2014-03-02 13:07:03] <Pru> Hi everyone. Is someone logging already today?
[2014-03-02 13:09:42] <gnangarra> hi 
[2014-03-02 13:10:22] <gry> Hi all.
[2014-03-02 13:12:32] <gry> (I don't know -- almost -- any of you; it would be a little bit helpful if some people tried to use IRC for collaboration. (I can provide feed bot for IRC for such purpose.) -- I have trouble following the project focus using purely on-wiki means.)
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[2014-03-02 13:13:24] <Steven_Zhang> ello
[2014-03-02 13:13:28] <gry> Hi.
[2014-03-02 13:14:03] <gnangarra> unfortunately gry IRC doesnt work well either as it excludes many 
[2014-03-02 13:14:58] <gnangarra> theres a long history on wiki of IRC causing very bad decisions
[2014-03-02 13:15:29] <gry> Ah. It would be interesting if you shared context, either via an URL or in PM as it could be a bit bulky for here.
[2014-03-02 13:15:55] <gry> I use IRC for feedback on my writing on many channels here, not just wikimedia channels, but also language channels and topic channels.
[2014-03-02 13:16:37] <jayvdb> back
[2014-03-02 13:16:40] <gnangarra> ok for one on one irc is fine
[2014-03-02 13:17:05] <jayvdb> are the January or Feb comm meeting minutes published yet?
[2014-03-02 13:17:06] <gry> Nah, it was me an a channel. Entire channel gave feedback.
[2014-03-02 13:17:25] <gry> I'm going to retreat, seeing that you started.
[2014-03-02 13:18:18] <gnangarra> not that I'm aware if yet, jayvb
[2014-03-02 13:18:31] <gnangarra> if --> of
[2014-03-02 13:18:37] <jayvdb> why not. Steven said last public meeting that he had a copy of the Jan minutes
[2014-03-02 13:19:25] <Steven_Zhang> the jan minutes were just approved in our recent comm meeting.
[2014-03-02 13:19:27] <jayvdb> i.e. during
[2014-03-02 13:19:41] <Steven_Zhang> the feb comm meeting has only just happened
[2014-03-02 13:19:42] <jayvdb> Steven, when did you have the last committee meeting?
[2014-03-02 13:19:57] <Steven_Zhang> last Sunday
[2014-03-02 13:20:11] <jayvdb> so a week ago
[2014-03-02 13:20:26] <jayvdb> can they be published now so we can see them?
[2014-03-02 13:21:00] <Steven_Zhang> the ones from Jan, yes.
[2014-03-02 13:21:21] <Steven_Zhang> with respect, most of the resolutions from your last term were never posted to the public wiki
[2014-03-02 13:21:43] <Steven_Zhang> so I feel it's a bit hypocritical for you to criticise the time it takes us to post items there.
[2014-03-02 13:21:58] <jayvdb> Steven_Zhang: do not lie. the meeting minutes were published promptly.
[2014-03-02 13:22:04] <gnangarra> is there something specific you want to know about
[2014-03-02 13:22:08] <Steven_Zhang> i said resolutions.,
[2014-03-02 13:22:11] <jayvdb> the resolution pages were not
[2014-03-02 13:22:20] <jayvdb> resolution pages are a copy of the meeting minutes
[2014-03-02 13:22:33] <jayvdb> the meeting minutes are the part that are legally required to be published
[2014-03-02 13:23:03] <gnangarra> for the record
[2014-03-02 13:23:34] <Steven_Zhang> OK, so for example
[2014-03-02 13:23:35] <Steven_Zhang>
[2014-03-02 13:23:44] <Steven_Zhang> July minutes published in September?
[2014-03-02 13:24:10] <Pru> What is a reasonable time frame for posting of committee minutes? If we have a deliverable in that regard we can try as a committee to meet i
[2014-03-02 13:24:52] <Steven_Zhang> the page is actually missing the november and dec 2012, and jan feb minutes.
[2014-03-02 13:25:01] <Steven_Zhang> all when you were president.
[2014-03-02 13:25:05] <jayvdb> Pru: in the last public meeting (and in other meetings) we agreed the comm meeting minutes should be published as draft before the following public meeting, so they can be discussed by the members
[2014-03-02 13:25:50] <jayvdb> Steven_Zhang: I will look at that later. right now, can we get the Jan meeting minutes online ?
[2014-03-02 13:26:10] <Pru> If the draft minutes need to be circulated to committee to check and then posted, we would probably need minimum of 2 weeks.
[2014-03-02 13:26:11] <Steven_Zhang> Yes, but the point you're trying to make is that we as a committee are being slack with our minutes.
[2014-03-02 13:26:35] <jayvdb> Has the committee reviewed the new proposed contract with UQ&APC ?
[2014-03-02 13:26:58] <gnangarra> what "new contract
[2014-03-02 13:26:59] <Pru> If a committee meeting is postponed, eg Feb then should we postpone the next public meeting?
[2014-03-02 13:27:00] <jayvdb> Steven_Zhang: the point I am making is that you havent posted the January minutes, which I would like to see
[2014-03-02 13:27:01] <Steven_Zhang> When was that drafted?
[2014-03-02 13:27:30] <jayvdb> Steven_Zhang: I am led to believe it was discussed with you in person in Melbourne with UQ and APC present
[2014-03-02 13:28:21] <Steven_Zhang> not a contract, no.
[2014-03-02 13:28:23] <jayvdb> on Thursday 13th Feb
[2014-03-02 13:28:36] <jayvdb> yes, a contract
[2014-03-02 13:29:02] <Steven_Zhang> nope
[2014-03-02 13:29:11] <Steven_Zhang> I don't recall discussing signing a contract.
[2014-03-02 13:29:17] <gry> <jayvdb> Has the committee reviewed the new proposed contract with UQ&APC ? <-- which committee if I can ask? thanks. [see note #1 below]
[2014-03-02 13:29:35] <Steven_Zhang> minutes.
[2014-03-02 13:29:46] <jayvdb> APC and UQ did not discuss witth you you a new draft contract for the UQ linkage project?
[2014-03-02 13:29:51] <Steven_Zhang> Nope.
[2014-03-02 13:30:05] <jayvdb> interesting. they say they did. in person.
[2014-03-02 13:30:09] <Steven_Zhang> they had to go back and rethink, given the committe's decision
[2014-03-02 13:31:10] <jayvdb> what was the committee decision?
[2014-03-02 13:31:23] <Steven_Zhang> I'm sure that's been communicated to you, no?
[2014-03-02 13:32:08] <Steven_Zhang> I also believe Andrew will be posting something to the members list
[2014-03-02 13:32:28] <jayvdb> sure, but for the record. it is normal to say what the decision is if you refer to it in a public meeting
[2014-03-02 13:32:36] <Steven_Zhang> sure.
[2014-03-02 13:33:24] <Steven_Zhang> Essentially, given the feedback received from the Wikimedia Foundation regarding funding, the committee as a whole (mentioned in the minutes, was discussed and decided unanimously) to withdraw funding, but continue to support the project in other ways
[2014-03-02 13:33:37] <Steven_Zhang> for example, they've got an edit workshop next weekend
[2014-03-02 13:33:47] <Steven_Zhang> I'll be going both days, Pru will go one day and Michael the other.
[2014-03-02 13:34:01] <jayvdb> that is good to hear
[2014-03-02 13:35:03] <Steven_Zhang> we were essentially told (and this was not just coming from one grantmaking staffer) that if we used money we had already, they'd be unlikely to hand out further funding to us in future.
[2014-03-02 13:36:59] <jayvdb> ok. well I will chase up the draft contract and ensure the committee gets a copy of it to review.  I do hope that they will revise their position, as rejecting a government grant will put WMAU back a long way
[2014-03-02 13:37:21] <gnangarra> we cant enter in to contracts we cant fund
[2014-03-02 13:37:25] <Steven_Zhang> no point us going insolvent over one project.
[2014-03-02 13:37:43] <Steven_Zhang> i'm not selling my house to pay WMAU debt. Wouldn't expect the rest of the committee to either.
[2014-03-02 13:37:43] <jayvdb> wow.  that is rubbish, and has been rubbish since the beginning
[2014-03-02 13:38:03] <jayvdb> very strange hearing that nonsense from committee members who should be properly informed
[2014-03-02 13:38:11] <Steven_Zhang> Does WMAU have some secret bank account that we don't know about that has an endless supply of money?
[2014-03-02 13:38:13] <jayvdb> the cost to WMAU is 30,000 only. which is in the bank
[2014-03-02 13:38:36] <Steven_Zhang> because we've been told, use the money we have (which WMF gave us from the fundraiser some years ago) and they won't give us more in future.
[2014-03-02 13:38:39] <gnangarra> no the cost is 144,000 over 3 years
[2014-03-02 13:38:51] <Steven_Zhang> so eventually, we will run out of money.
[2014-03-02 13:39:02] <jayvdb> gnangarra: no, that is incorrect, and that has been communicated to Steven very clearly by myself
[2014-03-02 13:39:14] <Steven_Zhang> and /that/ is why we withdrew funding.
[2014-03-02 13:39:43] <Steven_Zhang> As I mentioned to you in the call with Tony and Murray, if you can convince the WMF otherwise
[2014-03-02 13:40:00] <Steven_Zhang> then please do.
[2014-03-02 13:40:40] <Steven_Zhang> but you should have had the project evaluated by the WMF before getting ready to sign off on it
[2014-03-02 13:40:57] <Steven_Zhang> not wait till the 11th hour and then find out funding won't go ahead.
[2014-03-02 13:41:05] <jayvdb> Steven_Zhang: most projects run by chapters have not been evaluated by the WMF
[2014-03-02 13:41:23] <Steven_Zhang> most projects aren't the size of some chapters annual plan.
[2014-03-02 13:41:57] <jayvdb> then you have not seen many annual plans
[2014-03-02 13:42:11] <Steven_Zhang> and if other chapters choose to use the money they have without seeing if it fits the goals of the movement, then that's their prerogative.
[2014-03-02 13:42:46] <jayvdb> anyway ... ill finish up on this topic now. you appear to be unaware of the new contract, and the committee hasnt been updated about it.  I'll attend to that
[2014-03-02 13:42:53] <Steven_Zhang> Thanks.
[2014-03-02 13:44:07] <Steven_Zhang> This is a decision we didn't make lightly
[2014-03-02 13:44:20] <gnangarra> John was it 2011 when WMAU last recieved any WMF funding
[2014-03-02 13:44:27] <Steven_Zhang> but the committee feels that it's a necessary one. I'm sorry it's put the project in jeopardy.
[2014-03-02 13:44:52] <Pru> Steven is correct. It has consumed most of committee meetings/considerations since I joined.
[2014-03-02 13:45:01] <Steven_Zhang> And as I've mentioned to Tony and Murray (and will mention to you now) we are happy to support the project in other ways
[2014-03-02 13:45:34] <Steven_Zhang> the response we received was not a "oh, its an alright project but you could spend the money on other things"
[2014-03-02 13:45:58] <Steven_Zhang> it was "no real benefit to WMAU for the cost, use the money you have and we will look at future requests for funding very dimly"
[2014-03-02 13:46:19] <Steven_Zhang> So this is what we had to decide. But, please, do keep us in the loop so we can see the new drafted contract.
[2014-03-02 13:47:15] <jayvdb> gnangarra: WMAU will depend on WMF for a long time if it disengages from this linkage grant
[2014-03-02 13:47:41] <Steven_Zhang> if we hand over $30,000, WMF will disengage from us.
[2014-03-02 13:47:45] <gnangarra> how was WMAU going to fund the full project? 
[2014-03-02 13:48:07] <jayvdb> and WMF is not likely to fund any decent size projects in Australia
[2014-03-02 13:48:19] <jayvdb> gnangarra: we have the money in the bank right now. you appear to be misinformed.
[2014-03-02 13:48:42] <Steven_Zhang> I was elected by the members of this organisation, whether you like it or not John,
[2014-03-02 13:48:45] <gnangarra> we have sufficent for the first years in which the contract produces absolutely nothing for WMAU
[2014-03-02 13:49:29] <Steven_Zhang> one of the things I committed to doing is to proceed with projects that have measurable impact to the movements goals
[2014-03-02 13:49:30] <jayvdb> sure. lets just get the contract to the committee to review.
[2014-03-02 13:49:34] <Steven_Zhang> and are financially viable
[2014-03-02 13:49:35] <gnangarra> the contract thats availabel on the committee records form when you were president is where I got the figures
[2014-03-02 13:50:05] <Steven_Zhang> so that's what I have to do.
[2014-03-02 13:50:07] <jayvdb> the contract will be public soon enough
[2014-03-02 13:50:36] <gnangarra> as an incomnig committee member I can only go on the records left behind
[2014-03-02 13:50:55] <jayvdb> gnangarra: that is a terribly old copy, and the committee should know that. for one, Kerry knows it was to be replaced
[2014-03-02 13:51:19] <gnangarra> I made my decisions based on what was available, if a new was written then why is there no record for the committee to refer to
[2014-03-02 13:51:40] <gnangarra> thats more important than wherther minutes for sunday are posted today
[2014-03-02 13:51:42] <Steven_Zhang> the idea of the new contract was,m iirc
[2014-03-02 13:51:44] <Pru> If there is information that needs to be made available, then I recommend we need to convene a separate discussion on this rather than continue with accusations
[2014-03-02 13:51:45] <Steven_Zhang> we fund year one
[2014-03-02 13:51:51] <jayvdb> Steven has been aware all along that we are working on a new contract
[2014-03-02 13:51:58] <Steven_Zhang> and if WMF won't fund year 2 and 3, we can withdraw
[2014-03-02 13:52:18] <Steven_Zhang> that's the latest contract I am aware of.
[2014-03-02 13:52:24] <Pru> of people who are not here to respond
[2014-03-02 13:52:38] <jayvdb> I agree Pru. I will ensure that the new contract is made available to the committee
[2014-03-02 13:52:51] <Steven_Zhang> Thank you, please send that through ASAP.
[2014-03-02 13:52:52] <gnangarra> thank you, it'll be an interesting read
[2014-03-02 13:53:20] <Steven_Zhang> Alright.
[2014-03-02 13:55:46] <Steven_Zhang> are there any other items that anyone would like to raise?
[2014-03-02 13:56:20] <gnangarra>
[2014-03-02 13:57:02] <Steven_Zhang> John, minutes of the committee meetings that are missing from your term were written, right?
[2014-03-02 13:58:07] <jayvdb> gnangarra: is that $5200 total?
[2014-03-02 13:58:35] <Steven_Zhang> for 100 plaques
[2014-03-02 13:58:38] <gnangarra> budget for the initial yes
[2014-03-02 13:59:03] <jayvdb> Steven_Zhang: that isnt something i can answer immediately. do you have a specific question/meeting i should look at?
[2014-03-02 13:59:10] <Steven_Zhang> the measurables are yet to be properly codified
[2014-03-02 13:59:26] <jayvdb> so installation for each is $80?
[2014-03-02 13:59:27] <Steven_Zhang> jayvdb: nah, just wanting the complete listing to be on the public wiki
[2014-03-02 13:59:54] <gnangarra> $8 each is the estimate
[2014-03-02 13:59:59] <Steven_Zhang> resolutions will be added too
[2014-03-02 14:00:20] <gnangarra> which is about the cost of a single tube of glue for each on
[2014-03-02 14:00:38] <gnangarra> obviously the tube can do more than one
[2014-03-02 14:00:40] <jayvdb> gnangarra: Round House is part of freopedia? why is it nominated for wmau funding?
[2014-03-02 14:00:45] <gnangarra> example
[2014-03-02 14:00:48] <gnangarra> for layout
[2014-03-02 14:00:54] =-= Steven_Zhang is now known as SteveAway
[2014-03-02 14:01:18] <jayvdb> sorry. yes $8. seems very low. is that what freopedia cisted each installation at?
[2014-03-02 14:01:27] <gnangarra> its not nominated and already has a plaque in place
[2014-03-02 14:01:30] <jayvdb> gnangarra: ah ok. no worries
[2014-03-02 14:01:38] <jayvdb> gotcha
[2014-03-02 14:02:32] <gnangarra> it cost us for freo to install 20 plaques $20 but that was one larger tube of glue
[2014-03-02 14:03:07] <gnangarra> assuming that one small tube with each plaque was the best way to estomate costs
[2014-03-02 14:04:10] <gnangarra> obviously if one person can install a group of plaques the costs drop considerably 
[2014-03-02 14:04:48] <gnangarra> there will be savings on postage as well
[2014-03-02 14:06:40] <jayvdb> nod. im just surprised it was so cheap.
[2014-03-02 14:07:23] <p858snake|l> depending on the surface and location of the plaques, superglue might not work that well
[2014-03-02 14:07:32] <gnangarra> not super glue
[2014-03-02 14:08:05] <jayvdb> what type of glue?
[2014-03-02 14:08:06] <gnangarra> using a silicone base industrial glue as recommended by City of Fremantle
[2014-03-02 14:09:10] <gnangarra> fills in the gaps an prevents moisture being held behind the plaque
[2014-03-02 14:10:38] <jayvdb> what timeframe do you expect the 100 approved QR codes to occur over?
[2014-03-02 14:10:53] <jayvdb> or, how long does this grant program last for ?
[2014-03-02 14:11:16] <gnangarra> hoping by may we have enough, will piggy back an order when either Freo or Toodyay next print plaques
[2014-03-02 14:11:50] <gnangarra> undefined timeframe hope is for it to trigger new relationships and wikitown projects
[2014-03-02 14:12:12] <jayvdb> ah, do them in batches ? sounds good. how many at a time would be ideal for cost effectiveness ?
[2014-03-02 14:12:36] <gnangarra> a batch of 100 or better get the best pricing
[2014-03-02 14:13:40] <gnangarra> tipping point is about 40 where cost == 100 
[2014-03-02 14:14:42] <gnangarra> its an intensive process because of all the changes with QR codes and names etc
[2014-03-02 14:16:05] <gnangarra> artwork is the most expensive part but I do that so the cost there is nil
[2014-03-02 14:16:44] <SteveAway> superglue
[2014-03-02 14:16:46] <SteveAway> does not work 
[2014-03-02 14:16:51] <SteveAway> on bricks
[2014-03-02 14:18:45] <gnangarra> just getting a link to the glue so you can what works best
[2014-03-02 14:18:47] <jayvdb> so we will wait until we have 40 approved articles?
[2014-03-02 14:19:32] <gnangarra> doing 40 we could get 100 similar cost
[2014-03-02 14:19:50] <gnangarra> aim is to be able to piggy back on one of the WA wikitown orders
[2014-03-02 14:19:58] <jayvdb> if we do a batch smaller than 40, what is the price ?
[2014-03-02 14:20:05] -->| Hawkeye7 ((info redacted)) has joined #wikimedia-au
[2014-03-02 14:20:09] <jayvdb> piggying backing sounds good
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[2014-03-02 14:20:52] <SteveAway> Hi Ross.
[2014-03-02 14:20:59] <Hawkeye7> Hi Steve!!!
[2014-03-02 14:24:12] <jayvdb> Hawkeye7: we are currently discussing
[2014-03-02 14:26:34] <jayvdb> gnangarra: if we do a batch smaller than 40, what is the price ?
[2014-03-02 14:26:56] <gnangarra> how small of a batch
[2014-03-02 14:27:00] <SteveAway> 1
[2014-03-02 14:27:10] <gnangarra> not possible
[2014-03-02 14:27:22] <jayvdb> im sure we can get 10 easily&quickly
[2014-03-02 14:27:39] <jayvdb> im worried that 40 may take too long to achieve
[2014-03-02 14:28:25] <gnangarra> 10 takes the cost is over $100 ea plus GST, 
[2014-03-02 14:28:42] <gnangarra> thats why we'll piggy back on an oreder
[2014-03-02 14:29:13] <gnangarra> I know Toodyay will be ready for plaques aournd MAY
[2014-03-02 14:29:19] <jayvdb> ah, so '40' is including Freopedia's batch.  i.e. we could do 10 and Freopedia does 30 ?
[2014-03-02 14:29:22] <gnangarra> and freo is sourcing funding at the moment
[2014-03-02 14:29:47] <gnangarra> no Freo would do what they need, we'd add ours on top
[2014-03-02 14:30:05] <gnangarra> freo is doing 100 at a time
[2014-03-02 14:30:27] <SteveAway> sure 1 is possible
[2014-03-02 14:30:30] <SteveAway> lol
[2014-03-02 14:30:33] <gnangarra> yeah we could get 30 from toodyay, 100 from froe and 10 for us
[2014-03-02 14:30:41] <SteveAway> $100 each?
[2014-03-02 14:30:42] <jayvdb> k
[2014-03-02 14:30:44] <SteveAway> O_o
[2014-03-02 14:30:58] <jayvdb> would semi-commercial topics like ac/dc be eligible?
[2014-03-02 14:31:17] <gnangarra> already have an ac/dc plaque at freo cemetery 
[2014-03-02 14:31:22] <jayvdb> cool! ;-)
[2014-03-02 14:31:23] <gnangarra> near bons scotts grave
[2014-03-02 14:31:28] <SteveAway> AC/DC isn't that old
[2014-03-02 14:31:43] <jayvdb> what about Powderfinger ?
[2014-03-02 14:31:44] <gnangarra> we also little creatures brewery
[2014-03-02 14:31:51] <jayvdb> Silverchair, etc ?
[2014-03-02 14:32:07] <jayvdb> but Little Creatures is in an old building iirc
[2014-03-02 14:32:15] <gnangarra> no
[2014-03-02 14:32:25] <jayvdb> ok
[2014-03-02 14:32:30] <jayvdb> so we can go quite commercial then ?
[2014-03-02 14:32:32] <gnangarra> its was previously a croc farm  but its not heritage listed
[2014-03-02 14:32:42] <gnangarra> as lon as theres an article
[2014-03-02 14:32:47] <gnangarra> long as
[2014-03-02 14:33:05] <gnangarra> monumnets as well
[2014-03-02 14:34:10] <gnangarra>
[2014-03-02 14:34:29] <gnangarra> is on the monument outside the Freo Town hall
[2014-03-02 14:34:40] <jayvdb> is the new committee considering doing a new strategy document ?
[2014-03-02 14:35:43] <gnangarra> yes
[2014-03-02 14:37:50] <jayvdb> timeframe?
[2014-03-02 14:38:14] <gnangarra> for the glue this on product we used with Freo, it worked well
[2014-03-02 14:38:17] <gnangarra>
[2014-03-02 14:39:04] <jayvdb> who will be going to Europe for the chapters meeting?
[2014-03-02 14:39:19] <gnangarra> Steve and Andrew
[2014-03-02 14:40:34] <jayvdb> why the move to Google Apps, a proprietary tool?
[2014-03-02 14:42:05] <gnangarra> we had to move off the previous servers and google offered the best options
[2014-03-02 14:42:16] <jayvdb> & how much per year is that costing?
[2014-03-02 14:42:30] <jayvdb> had to? why?
[2014-03-02 14:43:59] <gnangarra> service issues, 
[2014-03-02 14:45:25] <jayvdb> what service issues?
[2014-03-02 14:45:41] <jayvdb> it is running our wiki fine
[2014-03-02 14:46:11] <gnangarra> no problems with our wiki
[2014-03-02 14:46:19] <gnangarra> its working fine
[2014-03-02 14:46:20] <jayvdb> btw, since you have not reinstated me as a sysadmin, it would be good to delist me as the only official sysadmin by resolution :P
[2014-03-02 14:46:41] <gnangarra> ok I'll take it to the committee
[2014-03-02 14:46:59] <jayvdb> it seems Adam is the new sysadmin?
[2014-03-02 14:48:15] <gnangarra> but it was discussed
[2014-03-02 14:48:48] <gnangarra> yes Adam is the system admin, 
[2014-03-02 14:51:30] <jayvdb> what is wrong with the service provided for free by Linux Users Victoria ?
[2014-03-02 14:53:58] <gnangarra> sorry but I wont go into such details on a public forum, suggest you email the committee directly
[2014-03-02 14:56:44] |<-- jayvdb has left freenode (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[2014-03-02 14:57:23] <gnangarra> well its 3 pm unless anyone has anyone wants to discuss anything else I'll close this meeting
[2014-03-02 14:58:08] <Pru> Thanks everyone.
[2014-03-02 14:59:18] <gnangarra> Ok Thanks everyone I'll declare the meeting closed at 15:00wst
[2014-03-02 15:00:31] <gnangarra> next meeting at 6 April 1600 est


  • (info redacted) -- indicates that ip information has been removed before publication of this log
  • Note #1 -- I(gnangarra) opened a side discussion direct to explain who WMAU and the committee are and what we do(no log was made of this discussion)
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