Participatory Culture Primer/agreement

Proposed joint publication between Wikimedia Australia (WMAU) and Creative Commons Australia (CCau).

Primary contacts: Brianna Laugher (WMAU), Jessica Coates (CCau)

Obligations and expectations

  • WMAU will provide all of the content (text, images), unless CCau wishes to contribute.
  • CCau will provide layout and printing (costs).
  • Final wording must be agreed upon by both parties (ie both have some editorial veto)
  • WMAU and CCau will be represented as equal partners in endorsing the publication.
  • The publication will be launched at the Free as in Freedom LCA miniconf (Hobart, 20 January 2009).
  • WMAU will provide content by the end of December or earlier.
  • The publication will be licensed under a free content license such as CC-BY-SA (except for elements such as logos which will be indicated otherwise).
  • As well as a print-ready file, a source-editable file of the publication should be made available to both CCau and WMAU, preferably in an open format/standard such as OpenOffice [...but I would prefer a proprietary editable file over no editable file at all].
  • The initial print run will be ~200 copies.
  • After the initial print run either party can have verbatim copies reprinted.
  • If either party wants to publish a version of the publication with substantial edits, they can either re-badge the document to be solely endorsed by themselves (while still attributing the work of the other party as per the license), or, they can seek further agreement with the other party to continue printing the publication with dual-endorsement.
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