Proposal: Branch network

This page is a proposal being developed by our members.

WMAU has a large diverse area in which it supports the activities of contributors to Wikimedia projects, this proposal is about creating framework for organised local groups to be called xxx branch of WMAU. The purpose of a Branch to provide the on going support and a focal point for that communities on going activities without the necessity of creating the various legal, financial, and technical aspects of running an organisation.

The proposal is about formalising current practice and giving more independence to local communities to enhance opportunities.

Note: initially Branches would only be defined by geographical regions, ie cities, states as the purpose is to bring local people together to work together.

chapter provides

  • Infrastructure and legal Framework
    • insurance coverage, legal structures
    • website, email, business cards
    • banking, finance, ato, charity status
  • enable national co-operation, & co-ordination for events
  • Basic Branch budget from which they can make there their own funding decisions
  • provision for a Branch observer(non voting) on the committee with access to the committee meetings and discussions

Branch would provide

  • local project & activity development focus
  • local member/editor engagement
  • Branch activity reporting,
  • one committee observer who is part of the branch organizers and a current WMAU member, subject to acceptance from the committee
  • advertising of activities via project pages, email lists, geonotices, and social media
  • Branches be limited to making grant applications to local bodies for local activities, subject to approval from the committee as the WMAU would be the legally responsible body and provide the required infrastructure ...
  • If a branch wanted to make an application to WMF for funding then it would do as part of WMAU

To qualify as Branch

For a minimal process to establishing a branch

  • 2 public meetups in the last 6 months with at least 5-10 attendees at each and further meetups or activities planned
  • at least 3-5 WMAU chapter members(preference for a majority of participants to be WMAU members) involved in the Branch development
  • make formal request to be recognised

Dissolving a Branch

Like with the simple process for establishing a Branch, Branch should also be able to be wound down or halted in response to activity general indicators could include;

  • no public meetups in 12 months,
  • no on going activity, or
  • no representative(ie reporting) at committee meetings in 6 months.
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