Proposal:Conflict of interest policy

This page is a proposal being developed by our members.  The proposal was moved by John Vandenberg and seconded by Sam Wilson. If you are not a member of the organisation, you may request an account on this wiki using special:RequestAccount, and discuss this proposal on the discussion page.

As the size of our projects increase, and more partnerships are involved, we need to improve policy, project management practises, and communications (including disclosure). The most obvious place to start is the many missing policies, however more important than policies are a community that ask (hard) questions of the committee on a regular basis, and becomes more involved in the organisation in general. And that applies doubly so for the financial members of the organisation.

One key policy that we are missing is a conflict of interest policy.

Our previous secretary Sarah wrote a draft policy on the private committee wiki in May 2010‎, however it was not discussed or adopted since then.

This proposal is to publish that draft policy on the public wiki, to be edited prior to the 21 October committee meeting when it will be approved by the committee. The policy will then be tabled at the Meeting:2012 AGM to be endorsed by the membership.

The draft policy is at Conflict of interest policy.

We should look at the Wikimedia Foundation wmf:COI policy and incorporate any use additions. Note that Craig Franklin has already taken this document and revised it in order to make it suitable for Wikimedia Australia.

The template policy from ourcommunity, and their notes, should be reviewed and any good elements incorporated. Note that these documents are not 'free content', so the additions to our policy will need to be avoid copy&paste.

meta:Guidelines on potential conflicts of interest

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