Proposal:Engagement with Australian GLAMs on Wikidata

About this proposal

At the midterm review of progress against the Wikimedia Australia Annual Plan 2019-20, there were a number of activities within the budget that had to be postponed due to pandemic-related restrictions. Wikimedia Australia would like to take this opportunity to reallocate up to $8,000 to this project to develop materials which will enable us to more successfully engage with GLAMs, and meet increasing demand.

Wikimedia Australia has a long history of working with the GLAM (Galleries, Libraries, Archives, Museums) communities. Primarily these projects have focused on Wikipedia although there have been some examples of Wikidata projects. WMAU wants to build on those existing relationships to drive the uptake of the Wikidata platform.

The COVID-19 crisis presents an opportunity to accelerate this program - but we need to move quickly. Physical distancing requirements mean that GLAM organisations have had to scale back their operations, close their doors to physical visitors and move their operations online. This will also leave them with time for infrastructure projects. Wikidata offers them a pre-built, open platform to engage with the public. Discussions with the Wikidata GLAM community and a review of the existing materials indicates that there are significant gaps in the resources to materials needed to facilitate this onboarding. In particular, more work is required to fill out:

  • “Pre-upload” stages of GLAM institutional engagement (a value proposition, early stage planning, data identification and prioritisation);
  • “Impact” stages (measurement, benefits realisation).

More info on existing content and engaged Australian institutions:

We would like to commission a content developer to build out the content within the existing framework and with Subject Matter Expert (SME) input from the global Wikidata community.

Simultaneously, we would work with the Australian Wikimedia community to identify suitable institutions to approach and test the materials in an iterative way.

We envisage the following timeline:

  • May - agree funding, advertise role, appoint content developer, commence engagement with global Wikidata and Australian Wikimedia communities.
  • May - develop content with SME input, commence testing with Australian Wikimedians and their GLAM contacts.
  • June - finalise v1.0 of Wikidata GLAM engagement content in multiple formats (Web, PDF, powerpoint, demos).


  • A foundational set of globally reusable deliverables that can be further developed.
  • Content for webinars to brief the WIkimedia Australia community presenting to GLAMs about Wikidata
  • Improved relationships with Australian GLAM institutions.
  • Data from 5 new institutions to be identified as target datasets to be available via Wikidata, and pitch made to these GLAMs
  • Project Report

Role advertisement

[Includes above brief]

Wikimedia Australia is seeking expressions of interest (EOI) from content development professionals to fulfil the above brief.

Essential experience

  • Content development for generalist audiences in a variety of formats (e.g. web, PDF, PowerPoint) - e.g. instructional design, technical writing, content marketing.
  • Subject Matter Expert interviewing - esp. remote and international interviews.
  • Ownership of the entire writing, reviewing and publication process.
  • Project management of content review and roll-out

Desirable experience

(N.B. these are NOT essential and we will consider candidates that do not have any of these criteria)

  • GLAM sector
  • Open data
  • Wikidata platform
  • Sales & marketing enablement


Total fee available for this project (incl. GST) is $8,000. Scope is negotiable. You will need an ABN and you will invoice us for the amount prior to 15 June 2020. Payment will be made before 30 June 2020.

EOI process

Please submit via email ASAP to the contact below with the subject line ”Wikidata GLAM EOI”:

  • A CV
  • A sample work product
  • Contact details (email & telephone) for one referee
  • Your ABN details
  • Your daily rate (incl. GST)

We may arrange an interview based on this. We will then select a service provider.

Agreement signed and project commences late May.

Project to be completed by 30 June 2020. Contact:

This proposal was funded in 2020 and reports are available: Develop materials to support Australian GLAMs engagement with Wikidata.

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