Proposal:Intrastate covid borders

Proposal to document Western Australia COVID-19 response with intrastate travel. At the beginning of April travel bans within Western Australia were created to restrict non-essential travel across WA. WA was divided based on regions;

  • Perth & Peel
  • Wheatbelt
  • Southwest
  • Midwest
  • Pilbara
  • Kimberley, with further subdivisions
  • Goldfields
  • Remote & Indigenous Communities

Due to the restriction I can only journey to each of the points where the Perth & Peel region connects, at these location there are checkpoints. I'd like to document these locations as follows;

Journey 1
Two Rocks at Break water drive intersection with Indian Ocean drive
Bullsbrook/Muchea on Great Northern Highway north of Bullsbrook and Pearce RAAF Base
- Morangup, on Toodyay Road
Approximately 300km and 5 hours of travel
Journey 2
Great Eastern Hwy near El Cabello
Great Southern Hwy near The Lakes
Brookton Hwy, Ashendon
approximately 300km and 5 hours of travel
Journey 3
Albany Highway in Eagle Glen where it joins Jarrahdale Road
Southwest Hwy south the old Wagerup townsite, located so as to keep the ALCOA aluminum refinery operational
Forrest Hwy, Preston Beach.
approximately 300km and 5 hours travel

Each journey would cost approximately $100 which would include fuel costs and a meal for myself and a driver, and would cover all the major roads of access except Brookton Hwy. Some part of the journey will be longer than google map calculation due to back tracking from checkpoints so as to remain inside the Perth & Peel area. The need for second person to share the driving is to help with navigation and to ensure that I can access these points safely which are all on major roads.

Total estimated costs: $300 subject to receipts being submitted Target outcomes;

Document 9 COVID-19 intrastate borders in Western Australia.
Contribute to the visual coverage of;
9 Major road articles
9 Place articles
add further information to COVID-19 articles about Australia and Western Australia
Identify boundaries as defined in 2020 for the Perth & Peel region as well as 3 surrounding boundaries

This proposal must be consider as a high priority to enable the documentation before boundaries are opened and will require 3 days to achieve with total distance covered being around 1,000km, as cost comparison the ATO[1] standard rate is $0.68km total being approximately $680. My cost estimates is under half that calculation. There is a risk factor in approaching each of these points under the current isolation conditions for which I'd request a letter from the Wikimedia Australia confirming that my journeys are for the purpose of documenting the COVID borders for Wikipedia and the Australian historical record.

Process details

  • Funding requested under the WikiClubWest allocation in 2019-20 budget
  • email received funding approved 3rd May 2020
  • Journey 3 completed 7th May.

Report:Intrastate covid borders - status draft

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