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This page is a proposal being developed by our members.  The proposal was moved by Laura Hale and seconded by Robert Myers. If you are not a member of the organisation, you may request an account on this wiki using special:RequestAccount, and discuss this proposal on the discussion page.

  • Submitted to the Committee on the 11 October 2012
  • First response was from Craig via G-Talk with Laura, whom stated that it would be a great pilot program for similar events. (Logs available on request)
  • I followed up the requested information (on Laura's behalf) to the Committee
  • 4 November 2012, Craig emailed myself stating that if it was approved that they would like to purchase the airfares.
  • 1 December 2012, I emailed the Committee as to the status of the grant but no reply
  • 3 December 2012, Laura contacted the Committee regarding the status of the grant


This is a funding request for a trip for Laura Hale (LH) and Robert Myers (RM, aka Bidgee) to:

  • visit the WMF to brief them on our on-going Paralympic work and our efforts to attend the 2014 Sochi Olympics and Paralympics
  • cover a skiing competition with Australia's winter Olympic and Paralympic athletes taking place in Copper Mountain, Colorado from 1 December to 14 December 2012.


RM and LH have cleared this proposal with the appropriate media personnel in these organisations. It is important to cover these events in order to demonstrate an ability to cover winter sports in order to gain Olympic and Paralympic accreditation for the Winter games in Sochi in 2014. There are unique conditions in winter sport that make them different to cover than summer sports; media accreditation would be conditional on that success. No other events are available in our time frame where the whole Australian team will be there, with the exception of Sochi in March 2013, which would cost considerably more to do.

LH has contacted several Australian Commons photographers about their availability, contacted several USA contributors about their availability, contacted two members of WM-UK about their availability, contacted two Brazilians about their availability and contacted several participants in the Paralympic Wikiproject about their availability, including a Norwegian editor on Norwegian Wikipedia. While Australians might be available, they cannot do it without money up front to fund their trip. The USAians don't have the time or inclination. The Paralympic and UK editors do not have the inclination to make the time and also face budget issues. Every effort was made to find additional people.

The Australian Paralympic Committee (APC) has not been asked for any funding assistance for this trip, but guidance has been sought from the APC and the Australian Olympic Committee (AOC) on how to get media accreditation, in being told their schedule, information on restrictions on reporting winter sport and venue specific issues, and getting agreements to interview athletes while in Colorado. It is also important in maintaining WM-AU relevance in light of the changes in the funding model that encourage Wikimedia projects from outside the chapters framework to apply for funding.


The deliverables would be:

  • A meeting with the WMF to explain the Paralympic project, and our efforts to secure Olympic accreditation;
  • 15 articles associated with winter Paralympic sport that relate to Australia on English Wikipedia nominated for GA by the end of the year;
  • Articles created about all notable (per WP:GNG) active members of Australia's Paralympic and Olympic ski and snowboard team members;
  • Updates to English Wikipedia articles for existing notable active members of Australia's Paralympic and Olympic ski and snowboard team;
  • Hosting a Wikinews workshop in San Francisco;
  • Hosting a Wikinews workshop in Denver;
  • Hosting a Wikimedia meetup in Vail, Colorado;
  • 500 pictures uploaded to Commons for winter sport;
  • 20+ more of these pictures used on at least 20 articles in 2 or more languages for Wikipedia;
  • Headshots of all Australian Paralympic team members competing;
  • 10+ Wikinews articles of which at least 4 will be interviews, with at least 1 not being about an Australian;
  • Audio versions of all interviews done uploaded to Commons for use outside Wikinews; and
  • 4 or more entries on Wiktionary improved related to wintersport where our pictures can be used.

The WMF has agreed to the meeting. Wikinews has been informaed about this proposed project so reviewers will be available. Given the previous track record of success with the Summer Paralympics, the softball team, the water polo, wheelchair basketball and archery, these goals above are believed to attainable.

Funding request

Total amount requested: $4,635.


Dates Cost per night Total days Total cost
27-Nov to 30-Nov San Francisco $125 3 $375
1-Dec to 3-Dec Denver $100 2 $200
4-Dec to 16-Dec Vail [1] $80 13 $1,040


Type Cost per person or day Total days Total cost
Airfare from AUS to USA [2] $1,800 1 $1,800
Train from SFO to DEN $140 2 $280
Car rental [3] $50 13 $650

Miscellaneous costs

Type Cost per person or day Total days Total cost
Food [4] $10 19 $190
Telephone [5] $100 1 $100


  1. Laura is not requesting accommodation in Vail. These costs are being split 3 ways. Resort is the only place to stay.
  2. Laura is not requesting funding for airfare.
  3. Car rental is being split 3 ways, with Laura and Hawkeye7 not requesting funding. Public transport is not an option. Fuel is included in estimate.
  4. This is only for Bidgee and pre-supposes him paying for more of his food than allotted.
  5. Price of a cheap phone and buying data for it.
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