Proposal: Photographer register

This page is a proposal being developed by our members.

This is a proposal for the creation of a registered of photographers who are accredited by the WMAU committee to incur limited per-prescribed costs related to the provision of freely licensed photographs for the Wikimedia projects via uploading directly to Wikimedia Commons.


On en Wikipedia there is are a larger number of identified articles requesting the inclusion of photographs to illustrate them, some subject are readily obtained in the normal course of a contributor activity through online place that share free licensed images like Flickr, Google+, and through archives most of whom are searchable directly or through Trove. For some subjects that isnt possible or there maybe specific features that add to the knowledge of the subject in these case an individual under guidance is a critical aspect to obtain these. The are also occasions when a photographer can be given permission to attend in an official accredited capacity to enable better co-ordination and improve identification of these individual photographers its is suggested that a register be made which will identify;

  • who these people are,
  • where they can be found,
  • general availablility,
  • specialist skills,
  • portfolio of works already uploaded.

Approved Photographer

In addition these people will have to under go a review by the community and the committee before being approved, at anytime during this process the applicant can withdraw and request the deletion of all pages associated with the application, unfortunately emails to public lists, WMAU addresses cant be deleted nor can the official committee meeting minutes be altered.


  • over 18 years of age unencumbered by any travel restrictions
  • editor in good standing on all projects, and in the WMAU community
  • history of good image contributions - QI, FP on Commons or en
  • minimum number of uploads - substantial amount eg 2,000 images like the requirement for the top level camera assistance

Approval Process

  • email the committee notifying them of;
    • your availability and interest,
    • providing identification for verification of age,
    • right to work in Australia, while you are doing this as a volunteer(unpaid) accreditation can only be given to people who are resident in Australia and have a visa that enables you to work.
  • committee will record the intent to apply in the minutes of the next committee meeting

once you recieve an ok to proceed;

  • create a review page on WMAU wiki addressing each of the requirements
  • email members inviting them to comment, ask questions and generally discuss your suitability. During this process members can email the committee with concerns that are better not raised in public
  • after 28 days the discussion will be closed, with no judgement. The committee will then discuss the result and contact the applicant should they require any more information or have questions.
  • the committee will then make a decision, notify the applicant of the result and record it in the minutes of the next committee meeting at which point if approved they will be officially accredited and added to the register.


After that they will have;

  • photo id, with an expiry date, a WMAU committee contact and link to the register for verification,
  • WMAU business cards provided identifying them as an accredited photographer,
  • a regularly reviewed pre-approved budget to take on such tasks,
  • required to report within 7 days all activity, including uploading of photographs to Commons
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