Proposal:RecentChangesCamp 2011, Canberra: Facilitation and Outreach

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I am applying for travel grant from Portland, Oregon, United States to Canberra, Australia as an invited facilitator for RecentChangesCamp 2011 at the University of Canberra. From Canberra onto San Francisco to the Wikimedia foundation to report back in a day long session (February 3rd or 4th) to the Wiki community there - an educational outreach under the name RecentChangesCamp Expanded. Then home to Portland. The cost is currently $2032 for multicity airfare.

This will be my first time facilitating in an Open Space setting, I have attended all of the North American RecentChangesCamps -- planning several -- and feel comfortable that I can lead people on their first experience with this wiki way Open Space gathering.

My wiki foundation was built from participating in Ward's Wiki, MeatballWiki, and CommuityWiki. Internationally, I've attended wiki conferences in Denmark, Egypt, Taiwan, Canada and lead wiki trainings with collegues in Pakistan. As community lead at I work with people on wiki everyday. (Ward Cunningham, Cheif Inventor)

Wiki projects:

My additional goals are to meet with other online community leaders in the region (Sydney) on growing and sustaining community building. I am hopeful to meet up with Tim Rayner from the Coalition of the Willing, with whom I collaborated, with several others, on this weblog post ( )

I look forward to participating in collaborations on the use and future of wikis worldwide for the basis of a collaborative report among participants at wiki conferences in 2011.

It would be an honor to receive a check in advance to help purchase the ticket, or purchased directly. I am currently not a member of Wikimedia Australia and would become an international member.

Wikily yours,

Mark Dilley

RCC 2011 Canberra:

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