Proposal: Rule amendments for new Act compliance

This page is a proposal being developed by our members.  The proposal was moved by John Vandenberg and seconded by Graham87. If you are not a member of the organisation, you may request an account on this wiki using special:RequestAccount, and discuss this proposal on the discussion page.

This is a proposal to amend the current rules to bring them into compliance with the new Act, which will only be voted on if the special resolution to adopt the new model rules does not pass at the AGM. The list of required elements are at s:Associations_Incorporation_Reform_Act_2012/Schedule_1.


The list of amendments required will be identified and published in the AGM notice.

The rule amendments themselves will be developed and discussed by the members between the notice and the AGM, and voted on at the AGM.

Changes needed

  • Removal of public officer from the Rules
    • Rule 2: Replace with a definition that only defines the Secretary position
    • Rule 33(2): Remove "or, of one member of the committee and of the public officer of the Association".
  • Allow for the removal of the Secretary
  • Ensure the office of Secretary is not vacant
    • Rule 21(4): Replace "may appoint one of its members" with "must within 14 days appoint an eligible member of the organisation"
  • AGM and committee minutes
    • Rule 31: Replace with
(1) The Committee must ensure that minutes are taken and kept of each committee meeting and general meeting, and are published online.

(2) Meeting minutes must record the following—

    (a) the business considered at the meeting; 
    (b) any resolution on which a vote is taken and the result of the vote; 
    (c) any material personal interest disclosed. 

(3) In addition, the minutes of each annual general meeting must include—

    (a) the financial statements submitted to the members in accordance with rule 29(3)(b)(ii); and 
    (b) any audited accounts and auditor's report or report of a review accompanying the financial statements that are required under the Act.

(4) The Committee may keep parts of the committee meeting minutes private, provided the public minutes record the parts of the minutes that are not available for public inspection.
    • Rule 36(2): Change "any other relevant documents of the Association" to "any other relevant documents of the Association, other than parts of the committee meeting minutes that are not open for inspection, "
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