Proposal:Suspending the private mailing list/Proposed Code of Conduct

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  • The private mailing list is only to be used for matters that require privacy or confidentiality. Most discussions should be held on the open list, or on the publicly viewable WMAU wiki.
  • The private mailing list is intended to be a safe space where participants are treated with respect and are not afraid to venture their opinions.
  • The ability to post to the private mailing list is a privilege, not a right.


  • Subscribers should treat each other with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • Legal threats on the mailing list against other subscribers are strictly forbidden.
  • Disagreements and disputes between subscribers originating outside of the Association should not be aired on the mailing list.
  • Trolling, flaming, or any other behaviour that might reasonably be interpreted as such is not permitted.
  • Spam, advertisments, and other off-topic posts should not be posted to the mailing list.


If in the opinion of the management committee, or their delegated moderators, a subscriber has neglected to comply with this code of conduct, they can be placed on moderation (so that all their posts to the list have to be manually approved), or unsubscribed from the list for a set period or indefinitely.

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