Proposal: WikiThree

This is a project to increase participation and content related to Australian subject with a focus on memorials to Australian service personnel more specifically WWI but any other is also acceptible

This is a three stage project commencing in October 2014, with completion during Early 2015, participants can be involved at any stage of the projects.

Stage 1

Photographic - this stage is planned to commence in October and run through until late November with a particular focus on 11 November.

  • subject:is places, memorials and events relating to Australian involvement in various wars, police actions and peace keeping etc
  • time frame:
new works taken and uploaded between 25 October 2014 - 25 November 2015
Old works uploaded between 25 October 2014 - 25 November 2014
Judging between 25 November 2014 - 10 December 2014
results announced 17 December 2014
  • Commons:for judging image to be included in Category:WMAU ... 2014 (exact naming to be decided)

New works

creation of new works under CC-by... or CC-by-sa... or other equivalent free licenses, which are then uploaded to Wikimedia Commons by the creator... all images must comply with image page requirements.

Old works

locate and upload free licensed images from various archives, libraries and other collections. All images must include the image source, link to where you got it from. Images from private/family collections where an online links cannot be provided will require permission as per the instructions at Commons:OTRS, please also cc the email to //....wikimedia . org. au

potential side activities

escorted Photowalks in each capitol city
rewards FP on commons or FP on en:wp with a framed print including plaque(inc QR code link) to acknowledge this FP nominations to have been completed by June 2015.
state and/or National prizes for best photos

Stage 2

Stage is focused on written content, this content can be on any language Wikipedia or Wikinews, new articles in languages other than english must have an en:wp equivalent. This stage is about active participation and collaboration not about the individuals writing skills. Participants are required to have a user page on the chapter wiki and provide a record of articles they have actively contributed to.

  • subject:is places, memorials and events relating to Australian involvement in various wars, police actions and peace keeping etc
  • time frame:
commencing 11 November 2014
ending 11 January 2015
assessment of eligibility by 26 January 2015
announcements 1 February
article list for QR coding(stage 3) potential to be assessed as GA, A class, or FA
rewards.. ballot of entries...

Note: after the closing of stage 2 on 11 Jan, expansion and refinement of articles is encouraged should an article be expanded to where it can be considered for GA then editors can contact the committee for it to be added to the list of of potential QR places. Its envisaged that the QR coding of place will be an ongoing activity post this event, when WikiTowns project are making plates the committee will maintain a list of potential places and piggyback on those orders to share cost benefits in scale.


potential options

  • bonus entries in draw for using images from stage one.
  • DYK

Stage 3

This part is about sharing the content thats been created, during stage 2. Identify places for the QR plates then the committee will contact owners for permission to have them installed, where a local editor wishes to lead this they can be empowered to do so. This stage is about looking new partners and publicising the work of Wikimedians through local media(including community media). Where possible the local editors will be invited to an unveiling, along with sponsors, local media and others one per major centre.

  • timeframe: once an article is identified as having GA potential WMAU committee will start making contact.
plates will be created and readied for installation in March, other events will be then be dependent on install timing.
  • identifying articles:any editor can in the course of the project advise the committee of an article status when its nominated for the peer review processes on WP.

Success Identifiers

  • number of photographers that contribute
  • number of photos contributed
  • articles created
  • articles expanded
  • number of photos used in WP content
  • new participants
  • new WMAU members
  • stage three articles identified

Bonus indentifiers

  • QI/FP images
  • new participants still contributing after 11 Jan, 1 Feb, or 1 Mar
  • photographers contributing 100+ photos
  • FA artcles
  • translated articles
  • photographers being eligible for the equipment programs
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