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Proposal_talk: Wikimedia Australia Meetups

Steve, responding to your invitation today to add some content to this proposal, which needs to be completed by 4pm today, I hope the following is helpful.

Preamble This proposal addresses an innovative step of formally creating Wikimedia Australia meetups to be held on a regular monthly basis for WMAU members, active wikipedians and the general public who by their attendance demonstrate an interest in becoming active wikipedians and demonstrate in good faith an interest in learning about Wikimedia Australia and the Wikipedia projects. It is envisaged that WMAU meetups should play an active role through the analysis of participants needs in terms of training so that participants of the monthly meetings gain knowledge and develop the skills to participate so that Wikimedia Australia may effectively explain the function and practices required to produce Australian content for Wikipedia.

It is envisaged that Wikimedia Australia meetups would be held in addition to the usual practice of the movement's community meetups which traditionally are held in various venues across the country and that a formally held WMAU meetup in no way supersedes the traditional community meetup. This proposal for a Wikimedia Australia meetup does not refer to WMAU committee meetings or special or general meetings as outlined in the Chapter's Rules of Association.

Conditions "That should this proposal go before the 2012 AGM and be accepted by the members it is on the condition that the rules governing a WMAU meetup be laid down by the committee from time to time as deemed necessary by the WMAU committee and that the rules be announced in the monthly committee minutes and posted on the Chapter's website."

"Announcements could be sent to Wikipedians via the usual list notices available to Wikimedia Australia, as well as by email and public notices (such as newspapers) where deemed appropriate."

"Where possible a brief report would be written up and sent to WMAU committee, containing the content of the WMAU meetup's discussion and including the number of attendees, and the name or handle of attendees where consent is sought and granted by an attendee or attendees."

"As it is proposed that the meetup be a Wikimedia Australia gathering, the committee will set the terms of reference for such a meetup which could include, among other aspects set down by the WMAU committee, the nomination from among its membrship of those who are authorised to announce and to preside over the meetup." [This statement allows the WMAU committee to deliberate over what to do if there is no available 'WMAU member/s in a capital city', who in the committee's view would be capable of announcing and presiding over a meetup. This would form part of the content of the terms of reference.]

Steve, hope this is helpful. Cheers, Anne.

Steve I've cut and pasted the above into your proposal as you asked, and just changed the beginning of each condition to commence with "That...". Austwithlove 15:38, 26 October 2012 (EST)

  • I feel this is too structured, and the pace is too frequent (at least for Sydney). Even when we carefully arrange Sydney meetups to match with participants calendars, we often only get a small group. And I don't think we could sustain a monthly pace. Also I'm not sure anyone would want to write a report about a meetup - I wouldn't. Don't get me wrong, I think meetups are great, but why doesn't WMAU just support the fledgeling social meetups (yes, maybe with venue fees or similar)? In summary, I don't think this will work in Sydney. I think numbers would quickly fade, and there's a chance that a new wikipedian would turn up to meet nobody! --22:15, 4 December 2012 (EST) --99of9 14:10, 28 February 2013 (EST)
This was pretty much the sentiment at the meeting we had in Melbourne (that monthly was too much), but it looks like the page was not updated until today. The target at this point is quarterly, although if any community feels they can sustain a more frequent pace that's fine too. Lankiveil 23:33, 28 February 2013 (EST).

Added some structure to the proposal to fit with FDC and other grant-writing

I have added section headers and text to cover off on topics that would be required if/when we seek funding from WMF. We might as well write our proposals with this need in mind so we don't have a last-minute scramble. Kerry Raymond 18:13, 17 March 2013 (EST)