Regional Hubs Conversation

Regional Hubs Conversation
A discussion regarding the findings from the Hubs Dialogue
This Global Conversations event will bring Wikimedians together to discuss the findings from the Hubs Dialogue: a series of conversations facilitated by the Movement Strategy and Governance team designed to answer the question: What are the generally shared and context-specific needs among the Wikimedians exploring the hub concept?

Hubs is a name for organizational units in the Wikimedia movement supporting more than one volunteer community. They are one of the initiatives from Movement Strategy recommendations. The idea of Hubs responds to the desire to share power, moving more decision-making closer to the communities involved. They are also expected to bring greater efficiency when working within a region or a theme, compared to the current model centralized in the Wikimedia Foundation.

The aim of this conversation is to share the findings of the Dialogue with the Movement, ensure that they reflect Wikimedians’ lived experiences, and from this shared understanding, start discussing how the findings can be integrated into the Movement Charter drafting process.

What do we expect from participants? We will share the findings of the conversations held with groups that are working on establishing a Hub in their context and we would like participants to listen in, understand, and reflect on these findings.

Region: International
Location: Online

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