Retreat March 2009/Sorting ideas - mission

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Session 3, 2.55pm

Liam (chair), Brian, Brianna (minutes)

Followup from previous session:

  • Thing to add - Rule changes - increase ctte members, allow online voting - do at next AGM? vote at AGM pending approval
  • MLs - put headers in announce and members, policy on how announce can be used - e.g. only sec & pres can post - make sure members can't unsub from it
  • WMF grant - to be discussed at next meeting
  • our selections for the chapter appointed seats
  • Followup on member survey - more input on press topic - e.g. us doing press releases? training press? press contacts?

Added mission items:

  • Wikimania scholarships
  • IRC member meetings


  • Patron



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