Strategic Plan 2020

Wikimedia Australia's strategic plan focuses on the following key audience segments:


  • What: Inform on activities, opportunities, major updates
  • Why: Be more informed, more active, create more capacity, build sense of community. Increased networking opportunities
  • How: Newsletter, mailing lists (email), public meetings,social media, on-wiki (e.g. WMAU wiki)

Australian contributors

  • What: Similar to Members & our existence!
  • Why: Increased awareness of organisation and activities, encourage membership, create knowledge equity
  • How: Geonotices/banners, public meetings

Australian partners

  • What: Branding, recognition, skill sets, help build their capacity, provide connection to community
  • Why: Amplify our work and ability to get things done, increase impact, access to their stuff!
  • How: Partnerships page on public wiki, case studies, support attendance to conferences.

Australian community (general public/media)

  • What: Create awareness of WP and dispel myths, who to contact
  • Why: Donations & philanthropy (raise money), create awareness of how it works and what we do as a community, create contributors, educate them, advocacy
  • How: Media outreach

Regional community (ESEAP)

  • What: Mutual knowledge exchange, create regional partnerships, regional knowledge equity,
  • Why: facilitate openness among region, create equity of knowledge
  • How: Become active and sustained member of ESEAP, regular intra-community reporting, shared access to regional events

Global community

  • What: Improve funding, better connection to movement, influence outcomes and raise awareness.
  • Why: build capacity, develop relationships, create impact, improve our standing and awareness in the movement, contribute to the strategic direction of the movement.
  • How: Sending to and presenting at conferences, social media, virtual meetings, volunteering for global initiatives.
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