The Record: How culturally diverse communities are using Wikipedia

The Record: How culturally diverse communities are using Wikipedia
Wikipedia is one of the most popular websites in the world. See how it's being used by diverse communities in Australia and beyond.
Wikimedia Australia is proud to host this evening of presentations on how Wikipedia and sister projects like Wikimedia Commons are being used by culturally diverse communities from Australia and around the world.

Wikipedia is the 6th most popular website in Australia. When you search something online Wikipedia is often one of the top results. But who are the volunteers contributing to Wikipedia, and what are the difficulties they face as they try to share their cultural knowledge?

This session hopes to bring up some of these questions, and answer them by providing examples of the amazing work currently being done by so many volunteers. The Record: How culturally diverse communities are using Wikipedia will be moderated by Rhianna Patrick and will feature a presentation from Steve Bunbadgee Hodder Watt. Further presenters will be announced soon.

About our presenters

Rhianna Patrick is a Torres Strait Islander freelance journalist, broadcaster and audio content creator.

Steve Bunbadgee Hodder Watt is a Lardil man from Gununa (Mornington Island) is Digitisation Coordinator for First Nations Media Australia, and has worked predominantly in First Nations media for over 20 years.

Sophia Amore Coghini has worked on projects to increase Wikipedia editing knowledge about Pacific Island artists in Aotearoa (New Zealand).

Olaniyan Ishola Olushola of Wikimedia Nigeria who are recording audiovisual of oral history of languages spoken in Nigeria as part of their Nigerian Language Oral History Documentation Project.

About Wikimedia Australia Wikimedia Australia formed in 2008. It is the Australian chapter of the international Wikimedia Foundation. As an independent, not-for-profit organisation and registered charity, we support our members, the broader community and partner organisations to contribute to Wikipedia, Wikidata and other Wikimedia platforms through events, training and partnerships.

About The Record Wikimedia Australia and the Australia Council for the Arts have partnered on 'The Record - Australian Music on Wikipedia' a project which aims to increase the visibility of Australian content on Wikipedia and make it easier for global audiences to discover great Australian music. The Record has run Wikipedia training events where volunteers created 50+ new pages about Australian music.

Illustration credit

Rubii Red is a proud Lama Lama woman from Cape York, QLD, but has grown up and live in Narm (Melbourne, VIC) majority of her life. She’s an artist, Twitch streamer, aspiring videographer and an activist, who uses her art to speak about important issues to her and her community.

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