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This is a proposal to provide funding for a one day a week position for a Wikipedian in Residence at the State Library of New South Wales.


The State Library of New South Wales and Wikimedia Australia have initiated a GLAM partnership related to two of their internal programs:

  • In-house Innovation Project - content writing related to
  • Defunct NSW newspapers that have been digitized on Trove, but do not yet have encyclopedic summaries to support those who stumble across the digitized paper;
  • ex-State Librarians;
  • the subjects of major exhibits their library will put on display; and
  • other NSW history related topics.
  • Training other NSW libraries around the state in Wikipedia editing.

So far, we have completed two days of training provided by three WMAU volunteers for 22 of their staff. The majority have continued editing to at least a limited extent. Seven of them (a team of five, and two managers), will continue to meet for half a day each week on the innovation project, and some will be involved in the partner library training.

Objectives of this proposal

To make available funding for a one day per week Wikipedian In Residence at the SLNSW to:

  • assist their staff with the practicalities of their training, including attendance at all weekly half-day training sessions
  • attend and assist with (at least the first few) training sessions for external libraries
  • provide advice about where the innovation project should go (and guide it toward continued alignment with the objectives and strategy of WMAU and the WMF)
  • report and communicate SLNSW needs with the wider WMAU community


  • One day a week pro-rata salary and super: [feel free to suggest numbers for this] ~$15,000?
  • Travel and accommodation for 5 external training days, with potential for more upon further application.

The SLNSW would provide any necessary facilities and internal costs of hosting the Wikipedian.


Selection criteria will be collaboratively developed on the WMAU proposal page if this proposal is successful. The role will be advertised to Australia-based Wikipedians.

Selection amongst the applicants would be done by application and interview by a committee of three: The SLNSW manager in charge of the Innovation Project, one WMAU committee member, and one WMAU non-committee member (I am happy to take on this role unless someone else wants it).


  • Q Why can't this be done on a voluntary basis?
A Experience with SLQ indicates that it is a hard ask of our community to support many training sessions. The two in Sydney were manageable, but an ongoing program would be tough to provide for consistently.
  • Q Why can't the SLNSW fund this?
A We have asked. They are supportive, but if they can't find the money, they can't find the money, and we feel that getting a significant GLAM partnership started on a good footing is important enough to put up the funding. Obviously if they do find the money, this proposal will not be activated. But we need to plan in advance now, because their team is already being assembled.

Declaration of interests

  • 99of9 the proposer will not be a candidate for this position, and will not receive funding/compensation related to the SLNSW. As time permits I may continue to contribute to the GLAM partnership on a voluntary basis.
  • I am aware of at least one candidate who is interested in taking up this position if approved. I know, but have no conflict of interests with regard to this candidate. I expect that others may be interested in applying, encourage them to do so, and if on the selection committee would consider them fairly.
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