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In August 2010, I had applied for a small grant of AU$100 which was accepted and passed by the Committee. This was for assisting me with costs of a one and a bit day trip to Canberra for photographs which were outdated or lacking on Commons.

Cost and the goals

The cost of the trip was $135 for the hotel room and $65 for transport (includes the return cost of the coach). The goals were to get as many photographs of locations which had no photographs or lacked them. As I only had limited time for the trip, it had to be one and a bit days since the coach only operated a 2pm service back to Wagga Wagga rather than an 8pm service, due to it being a weekend. I had arrived in Canberra at 6am after departing from Wagga Wagga at 3am, after arriving I captured photos of a clean-up of a accident nearby. As I had to wait until 11am to check-in at the hotel, I was limited to were I could go since I had the camera and heavy backpack.

Out of the trip I got 72 photographs, viewable at Category:Photographs by Bidgee sponsored by Wikimedia Australia (small grant). I was hoping for more photos, however buses that were late or didn't even show up limited the amount of photographs I could get and also due to the poor plan (didn't get a map and had to rely on my phone's GPS).

If I could do it all again

I would pick weekdays over weekends (not always possible if an event is scheduled) since buses run more often on most routes. Weekdays also allows me to visit places which can be rather packed on a weekend, and allows for staying for three to seven days to get the maximum out of the trip, as some days could be poor for photographs (ie: cloudy, raining, buses breaking down and also resting time). Having a map which has the locations which need photographs which would allow me to focus on an area rather then running around like a headless chicken and only to return to the area the next day or a month later.

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