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Adam Jenkins, Vice President

Adam Jenkins, Vice President of Wikimedia Australia in the 2010-2011 committee.

Adam currently works as a lecturer at the University of South Australia in the school of Computer & Information Science, where he teaches and researches a variety of Information Technology and Information Systems topics. He has a Bachelor of Arts (Hons) from the University of Adelaide, majoring in Philosophy and Classical History, and is currently working part time on a Doctorate in the area of Knowledge Management. Prior to joining the university, Adam worked as a web developer and systems administrator - unfortunately, he found that jobs for philosophy majors are hard to come by, but computing had been a long-term interest.

Adam became actively involved with Wikipedia in 2007, and since then has completed over 10,000 edits. He edits on a wide range of topics, and is actively involved in sourcing and creating photographs for the various projects.

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