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Slide presentation LCNAU 2019

Languages & Cultures Network of Australian Universities(LCNAU) 2019 was held at the University of Western Australia, Professor Len Collard and myself(Gnangarra) were invited to present a 20 minute overview of the Noongarpedia project along with 60 workshop with attendees.

There was approximately 400-500 attendees, the conference ran 6 parallel session with each speaker allocated 20 minutes, plus 5 minutes for questions. The Noongarpedia session had been allocated a total 90 minutes, it was meant to be two part session but once Len and myself got talking the questions started flowing and we had a very atypical Western Australian yarn. We took those present through the incubator answering question and discussing terminology, choice of sources, translating, and why english was such large portion.

The exercise/challenge at the end was to have those attending translate from english to another language.

Presentation Info

  • Attendees:~30 people
  • Female/male ration: 70/30
  • 5 self Identified Aboriginal/Torres strait Islanders
  • 3 International visitors


  • one referral to Wikimedia France
  • 5 further discussion requests - 2 referred to WMAU directly
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