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The first WikiTown was started in Monmouth May 2012 and since then the WikiTown/QRpedia concept has been developed in a number other locations, some those of have had some controvercy associated with them. During this though Fremantle, Johannesburg, Tartu, Toodyay and Waroona of these Fremantle, Toodyay and Waroona are all projects I've started and continue to guide. It hasnt been an easy process there have been pitfalls, problems to address errors made along with successes and suprise results, most of this has been developed in isolation, problems resolved in isolation and I think its time that our combined lessons be brought together to help others follow and identify potential solutions to problems they face without the need to reinvent the wheel again thus creating a community of experience where knowledge can be shared


What I'm proposing is that WMAU hosts a conference bringing together key people who have the scares, whether they be Wikimedians, GLAM, LGA, or others within those communities. Then publish the outcomes and present these outcomes at Wikimania '14 as a frame work for other projects to utilise in building WikiTowns.


  • create a WikiTown community
  • create a guide to building WikiTowns
  • identify problems and the solutions used
  • source material for signage
    • possibly some standardizations so that when some enters WikiTown anywhere they are able to recognise it as such.
  • address WMF needs in the process, take the focus away from past indiscretions
  • successfully expand the concept globally

additional benefits to WMAU;

  • promote WMAU as key facilitator & collaborator in the wider wiki-community
  • promote WMAU to wider Australian community
  • to demonstrate that global events can occur here successfully(future Wikimania)
  • promote the WikiTown concept to LGA's locally & nationally

Event plan

Host the event in Fremantle, as home of Australia's first WikiTown; pre event

  • Fremantle tour

Day 1

  • formal opening session, welcome speeches
  • a light buffet lunch
  • afternoon of presentations on each WikiTown represented
  • formal Dinner

Day 2

  • morning sessions:
    • identifying location and
    • potential partners
  • afternoon session:
    • content creation activities, gaining participation
    • understanding partner organisational needs

Day 3

  • morning:
    • plaque design & printing
    • launch & roll out processes
  • afternoon
    • open discussion on future development
    • wrap of key points raised

Day 4 & 5

  • organised Toodyay visit
  • organised Waroona visit


attendees from representatives for WikiTowns including partner organisations and Wikimedians;

  • UK
  • South Africa
  • Estonia
  • Australia
  • other WikiTowns already past concept


  • WMF
  • Chapters,
  • Australian Wikimedians


Estimate that it'd cost around $65,000 in total, the 2/3rds sourced primarily through a WMF grant additional funding support shared between WMAU and various local partners.

  • $45,000 via WMF Grant
  • $10,000 from WMAU
  • $10,000 from WA WikiTown partners


  • 9 international key people (3 from each region UK, SA, Est) $18,000 off peak period
  • 2 WMAU committee members from interstate $2,000
  • 2 people to report at Wikimania $5,000 peak period


  • 10 people, 7 nights, $200ea/per night $14,000... once accepted in principle by WMAU I can go foreth and source group accommodation which would bring this down


  • would look to a partner to host, ie City of Freo within their existing facilities, other facilities within Freo include Uni, FPA, passenger terminal, the Maritime Museum, the old prison, fly by night club, fremantle oval etc...
  • catering $1,000 per day would ask partners to use this to show case their region, one each day
  • facilitator WMAU to provide would want the person there for the three days of talks

Day trips

  • tour coach, and activities hosted by destination - funded by partners

Promotional Materials

  • day pack for attendee's -- funded by WMAU
    • bag
    • water bottle(summer)
    • note pad, pens
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