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Here is my wishlist for Wikipedia accessibility. See also the page about accessibility on Meta and Manual of Style guideline about the subject on the English Wikipedia.

  • Fix bug 11555, so that heading tags don't contain the word "edit"; this causes a screen reader user who is navigating by headings to constantly hear the word "edit" as part of the heading title.
  • Make alt text handling more sane so that screen reader users don't have to hear the file name of images all the time. See bug 24586.
  • At the moment, when a user writes a list in MediaWiki and separates each item by more than one line break, they will unknowingly generate multiple HTML lists. For example, a screen reader would read such a list like this: "list of 1 item, A, list end; list of 1 item, b, list end; list of 1 item, C, list end" instead of "list of 3 items, a, b, c, list end". See the relevant text about accessibility of lists in Wikipedia.
  • As far as I know, the licensing tutorial for the Commons upload wizard is presently a comic, which is completely inaccessible to screen reader users. It would be nice if there was a version of the tutorial in a format more accessible to the blind. Perhaps an audio/video presentation?